January 17, 2022

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– You’ve already finished a Cold War – VG

Driving On: US President Joe Biden wants further investigation into whether the corona virus came from a laboratory in China. Here is the picture April 14. Photo: Andrew Hornick / AP

Joe Biden demands further investigation into whether the corona virus erupted from a laboratory accident in Wuhan. According to Norwegian experts, conflicts are always only a bit of a growing power struggle.

On Wednesday, President Joe Biden breathed new life into the theory that the corona virus came from a laboratory in Wuhan. He later said he was asking US intelligence Double the effort to get to the bottom of how the corona virus originated. Alternative ways they investigate are infection from animals or leakage from a laboratory.

The theory is It was from the beginning of the epidemic, Further This is what the Trump administration said, But without presenting evidence. An investigation has been launched by the previous administration and Biden has already received a report asking him to follow it up further.

Check out Trump’s advocacy for laboratory theory here:

CNN commentator Stephen Collison writes that he seems to be focusing on laboratory theory in recent daysAdds more toxicity to geopolitical warfare that could be the spark of a new Cold War.»

Joe Jakobsen, a professor of sociology and political science at NDNU, conducts research on international security and geopolitics. He believes the case is part of a series of ongoing conflicts between the United States and China.

Part of the big picture: Joe Jakobsen, a professor of sociology and political science at NDNU, believes the Corona conflict is one of many things between the United States and China. Photo: NDNU

On the one hand, this is an important issue in isolation, which has come to light since the onset of the Govt epidemic. On the other hand, and most importantly, it is one of the many conflicts in the Sino-US relationship, which helps to heighten the general conflict, he says and adds:

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– Then, for a number of reasons, one has already ended up in a Cold War – this is a huge power struggle that will become bigger and more obvious. This does not mean moving from a normal relationship to a Cold War because we are already in many areas.

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WHO on the origin of corona virus: four possible scenarios

Jacobsen emphasizes that conflicts between the United States and China are spreading in various areas, such as militarization, trade policy, human rights, high technology and a lack of transparency.

He believes the issue of Govt’s appearance under Trump has been politicized and that Biden has chosen to pursue it. According to Jacobsen, Biden’s choice in this case appears to be the result of political pressure in the House, which has great skepticism about China in Congress.

– At least other countries should decide whether rhetoric should take the American tax. The reality of this is that the epidemic is terrible, so the origin is an important question. If China gets the blame, it’s too complicated for them. The case is probably guaranteed to be important, but Jacobsen says time is of the essence.

Drop at sea: Einstein Tunzjo is a professor in the Department of Defense Studies and believes that the United States and China have more important conflicts than Govt-19. Photo: Department of Security Studies

Einstein Tunsjo is a professor in the field of security research and has US-China relations in his fields.

He believes it is wrong to focus on this issue, and at an event at Stanford University on Wednesday, Biden’s Asian adviser Kurt Campbell was very important. He said the engagement period was over.

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– This means there is an end to cooperation with China. Many will be skeptical about this – for example, Norway wants to cooperate with China in many areas, and Joe Kerry has not been in Beijing for so long at the climate meeting. When Campbell says that the policy of cooperation with China is the result, it becomes clear that it creates tension in the administration, he says.

See also about laboratory theory:

Tunsjo also points out that laboratory theory is old and does not play such a big role:

– This applies to a number of issues affecting the relationship between the United States and China. But who is responsible for Asia in the White House is important – Biden’s most important adviser in this area says the engagement policy is now over and we need to be prepared for a sharp war with China.

– I don’t think Govt-19 is the cause of a new Cold War. The two superpowers that stand against each other in many areas will create conflict, tension and rivalry in the future. China and the United States have conflicting coexistence. They are connected, but there are conflicts in all areas, from trade to technology to military power to Govt-19, he insists.

Show strength: Alme, a political scientist and commentator on American politics. Photo: American Politics

Vårin Alme, political scientist and commentator American politicsBiden has made it clear since the beginning of his presidency that he will pursue a firm path with China and will follow through on this promise with the decision to further investigate the origin of the corona virus.

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– Domestically, there is pressure to get to the bottom of this problem, he says.

– I illustrate this with the need for the Biden administration to balance the need to show commitment to China and to show that the United States is back as the leader of the liberal world order – “America is back” – to appear reasonable. And truth-based, Alm says.