January 17, 2022

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You can see when your dog is lying

As humans, dogs have the ability to pick up signs that someone is lying, based on which they make independent assessments. Some species are more efficient than others.

Man’s best friend is known for his loyalty and obedience. Based on that, one would think that dogs often do as they are told, and have confidence in the person who instructs them. But if you lie, the dog may stop listening to you.

Researchers at the University of Vienna wanted to see if dogs change their behavior when they know they are being misled, and if there is a difference in behavior when they think that humans are deliberately misleading – lying.

If the researchers found that most of the 260 dogs acted against human commands and knew that the instruction they were given would not give the desired result, in this case they were invited to an empty food bowl. According to the article, if humans deliberately lie, the rate of disobedient dogs will increase Processes of the Royal Society b.


The experiments and methods used were previously used to test young children and intelligent animals. Two containers are placed in one room, while looking at the test object, one of them is placed for a feast and the other is empty.

An Instructor – To establish confidence in a communicator, the test subject is invited to the container containing the feast. After seeing that almost all the dogs – and children and monkeys – have something good, they go to the container they are called to.

The test begins when a new person appears in the room and moves the snack, while viewing the test object.

Border Collie is known for being intelligent, but also very obedient and cooperative. Even when the breed saw the other items placed in another bucket, it followed the man’s instructions in the test and went to the empty bucket.


The dogs, in this case, first saw the bucket A being filled with food, and before being moved to Bucket B. by the stranger, the dogs asked the speaker to come and eat the bucket A, but the dogs saw that the bucket was empty. Many went anyway, but the majority ignored the communicator and went to Bucket B.

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– Ludwig Huber of the University of Vienna says they no longer trust the communicator The new scientist.

If the dogs had seen the spokesman moving the food, 71 percent of them would have ignored the instruction and gone to Bucket B. If the dogs experienced being outside the communicator room when food was moved, there were fewer, 52 percent, who ignored the call to get an empty bucket.

Younger dogs were more confident than older dogs, and more obedient and cooperative breed frontier Collie dogs did as they were told against better knowledge. The various types of terriers known as independent, strong-willed and intelligent dogs are those who largely ignore the news of liars.

Smart and independent are the key words used about terriers. In their test compared to border clashes, terriers rarely hear people lying about where food is hidden. Instead, the food went in a moved bucket.

Are you smarter than children?

In experiments with children, chimpanzees and Japanese macaws, the test subjects reacted slightly to the dogs. If the instructor they trusted was outside the room, the test material would often go into the container with the snacks because they had the impression that the instructor did not know what it was doing.

But if the instructor also saw the snacks being moved, they actually followed the instruction when the children and monkeys were invited to the empty container.

This may be because children and animals had more confidence in the instructor than they saw with their own eyes, Huber says.

In that case, the dogs are different.

– We thought dogs would behave like children and monkeys under the age of five, but now we wonder if dogs can feel it when someone guides them behind the light. They may have thought, “This person is sitting on the same information as me, yet misinforming me.” They may feel it is deliberately misleading, which Huber says is a lie.

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Monique Udell, a professor at Oregon State University who works with humans and humans, says, “Dogs take care of us, take our social references and always learn from us. Animals, but do not work in research.