January 17, 2022

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Weather – Fear the new heat record:

A severe heat wave has hit parts of southeastern Europe in recent days. In Italy, thousands of firefighters are engaged in a fierce battle against fires, while locals and tourists are being evacuated.

Also in Greece, firefighters put out a blaze on Saturday near Badras in the western part of the country.

New heat record

Meteorologists now fear that Monday’s European record of 48 degrees could be broken.

– Extreme heat in the southeast of Europe now! The Meteorological Agency writes on Twitter that the sun is shining and many places will soon reach 40 degrees.

The heat wave is said to act as a cover over the hot air due to a constant high pressure.

Wild fire

In Spain, firefighters were called in to put out a wildfire on Saturday afternoon near the San Juan Reservoir, 70 miles east of Madrid. Firefighters put out the blaze Sunday night, but they are still asking people to stay away from the popular bathing resort.

In Greece, too, firefighters put out fires. Five villages have been evacuated and eight people have been hospitalized with fire and smoke injuries in the area, AFP writes.

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