January 17, 2022

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– We must avoid going to terrorists – Viji

Brussels (VG) EU countries are united behind a plan to block the arrival of refugees from Afghanistan, says Justice Minister Monica Maland. Now he wants to use “eye scanning” to get better control of those entering the country.


– EU countries are more concerned about security than anything else. Justice Minister Viji says Norway supports that all tools should be used to prevent terrorists from crossing the border.

On Tuesday, he was urgently invited to an EU meeting with the interior ministers of all European countries in Brussels. The topic is the situation in Afghanistan and how to stop the new flow of refugees.

Background: The Minister of Justice summoned to the EU meeting: – We must prevent new refugees from coming to Europe

VG is accompanying the Minister of Justice on his visit to the EU capital that day.

Before she gets home on the plane after a long day, Maland tells of a successful meeting with the Interior Ministries. He promises that Schengen and EU countries will now stand together to defend their own security.

Great security: Refugees will find it very difficult to cross borders to European countries. In an interview with VG’s journalist Harold Berg Severit.

The Minister of Justice reveals that one of the most frequently used tools now is called biometrics or “eye scan”.

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– It provides more precise control that the documents are valid. Visitors can assure us that they are acting so that we know who we are bringing to our countries, he explains:

– We must avoid engaging in terrorism. We need to remember that it only takes one person to create a terrorist attack.

They will help people where they live

Ahead of the EU meeting, Maland expressed uncertainty What comes out of the meeting.

– What are you saying now?

– The EU is very concerned about the situation in Afghanistan, and there is uncertainty about the future of the Taliban and the country, Maland begins.

He explains that the EU is particularly concerned about preventing refugees from leaving the country by assisting Afghans in Afghanistan and neighboring countries.

The Minister of Justice says they should be prevented by all means from washing away a wave of migration across Europe as happened in 2015.

In an official EU statement issued after the meeting, the union said it now wants to strengthen cooperation with third countries. At the same time, they pledge to work with the UN and international actors to ensure the safety of Afghan refugees.

“The goal of the EU is for people to be closer to their own country,” German Interior Minister Horst Seehofer told AFP.

UN Security Council calls for immediate end to hostilities

Maland believes the new arrival of refugees will first serve international human traffickers and criminals.

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“Without the stringent security measures that the EU now supports, we are running out of people who are not strictly entitled to protection under asylum rules,” Maland says.

– Are you saying that the EU will hand over the responsibility for refugees to the UN?

– The EU wants to take responsibility, but the EU makes it clear that other countries also have a responsibility. Therefore, it points to the UN as the most natural partner for humanitarian efforts in Afghanistan, he responds:

– But the EU is ready to contribute, so we are on the Norwegian side too.

So the EU will not support the general quota for refugees, which will then be distributed among member states.

Instead, it will be a solution similar to the one reached by the European Union with Turkey in 2015 over the refugee crisis. The NTB writes that Turkey has received billions in support to monitor the flow of refugees from neighboring Syria.