October 23, 2021

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– We could see nothing but smoke and dust – VG

The Miami Fire Department says parts of a building on the Surface near Miami Beach have collapsed. One person was killed and at least nine were injured, local media reported. Rescue operations are underway.


The Miami-Tate Fire Rescue, with more than 80 units on Twitter, is known as the “partial collapse of a building” near 88th Street and Collins Avenue.

The crash is said to have occurred at 2pm on Thursday local time and 08am on Thursday Norwegian time.

Watch the broadcast of what we know so far here:

The fire department says they are getting help from local police stations.

The landslide occurred on a site ten kilometers north of Miami Beach.

CBS4 11 hours later it was confirmed that one person was dead. They write that at least nine people were taken to the hospital.

Locale NBC He writes that the building is an apartment complex. Miami Beach Police provides an address at 8777 Collins Avenue Miami Herald The printer is the address of the 12-storey Sampline Towers, which can accommodate more than 100 residential units.

NBC writes that building documents show that the building has had more than 130 housing units since 1981.

Rescue operations are underway

The Miami Herald also writes that a fire officer at the scene is said to have caused several accidents.

– The Miami-Date Fire Rescue Site is in place and rescue operations are underway at this time. This is an ongoing situation and I advise everyone to stay away from the area so that officers can carry out rescue operations and do what they have to do, ”said Marion Cruise, Chief of Police at Surfside Police. NBC.

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The NBC reported that firefighters were seen rescuing people from the remaining flats via ladders.

Many blocks have been closed around the area.

CBS Reports say several people have been rescued from the building, including a 10-year-old boy.

NBC Hor Video Of a boy rescued from the rubble.

Demanding it are two landslides

Joel Franco, a freelance journalist in the area Shares on Twitter 11 Shortly before Norwegian time, an interview with a man named Abe reveals that he lives with his mother and a sister on the ground floor of a collapsed building. He says they experienced two landslides, first in the parking lot under the building.

Collapse: Parts of a 12-story-tall building collapsed on a Miami-Surface. Photo: Jamal Agakpo

– We were inside, and then we went outside. We heard more tremors and as soon as we heard that we started running, he says.

Then suddenly the back of the building began to collapse. We could see nothing but smoke and dust. It was hard to see, it was very low vision and we had trouble breathing.

Abe also says it looks like there are people in the building.

CBS A nearby resident said he noticed tremors at night and looked out the windows but could not see anything and thought it was a storm.

– When the dust settled, two-thirds of the building was gone. It was on the ground, describing the neighbor.

In the photos shared on Twitter, you can see huge piles of ruins and collapsed buildings.

Miami Beach Police tweeted at 09.34 Norwegian time.

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It is also reported that people in an area of ​​the building that is still standing are calling for help.

Shane b. A Twitter user named Murphy initially shared a video in which someone says a building collapsed. One can see the ruins in the dark in the background.

– We are here in this hotel on the second floor. This huge building next to us is now gone. This is also one of the strangest things I have ever heard. This is the worst thing I have ever seen. Police and firefighters are coming in right now, the person who says they were evacuated says.

The case is being updated.