January 17, 2022

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vaxxere »- Ropte« Heil Fauci

On Tuesday, vaccine protesters caused chaotic scenes during a local government meeting in California.

The meeting took place on the same day that local authorities in San Diego decided that unvaccinated civil servants should be crowned weekly and bandaged in public places. Officials also advised private employers to follow this advice.

This was opposed by the vaccine protesters in the room, and when many of them took the stage, there was an excellent atmosphere.

Local news outlets reported that Rioban San Diego, Let the Breath and San Diego were among the groups that attended. குசி.

Called “Hail Fuci”

Matt Baker is said to have told the government during a meeting that the government was going to open hell.

– You are not allowed to keep our vaccination passport with us, he said and continued:

– Their children and grandchildren will submit. They will be asked how many vaccines they have taken. Were you a good Nazi?

He is said to have stopped shouting “Hail Foci” again and again – a comparison between Anthony Fossie, the head of the US Epidemic Control, and the Nazis. Then the “anti-candle” shook its copy Nuremberg-Cotten And said the board was violating international law, according to KUSI.

From the beginning of the epidemic, Anthony Fossi has been at the center of conservative outrage – his support for masks, social exclusion, locking and vaccinations to prevent the spread of the corona virus. It writes Independent.

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– Will not do

A total of 120 people expressed their views during the meeting which lasted for more than four hours. A significant portion of the activists’ testimony was directed at Nathan Fletcher, chairman of the San Diego County Oversight Board.

Amy Reicher, an “anti-Waxer” in the hall, slammed Fletcher.

– I really work for a big company, my CEO has a message for you, he will not do it, he found something else, Nathan Fletcher, she said during the meeting.

There was loud applause for this comment from the crowd gathered in the meeting room.

– 51 percent have been fully vaccinated

In response, Fletcher tweeted:

– We ended our group meeting today. You can get medical advice from this person or your doctor.

According to New York Times 51 percent of Americans are fully vaccinated.

Three corona vaccines have been approved for use in the United States. Johnson-Johnson single-dose vaccine and Fischer and Moderna double-dose vaccines. All have been approved for emergency use, but the FDA expects the vaccine to be fully approved by next month Independent.