January 17, 2022

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USA: – Suddenly the neighbors see this

The Tigers have been in large numbers since Sunday. Now the police are asking for tips to catch the hunter.

Neighbors who first alerted police when they saw a tiger in a meadow in a residential area in West Houston were concerned. CNN.

The neighborhood warned the page

Jose Ramos, 50, who was very close to home, was having dinner when he saw the tiger through the kitchen window.

– I had to pinch my hand. Is this real? He says.

Ramos opened the door to assess the situation and watch the tiger closely. His hands trembled as he took some photos and filmed videos.

A police officer who was not on duty, who lived nearby, quickly arrived at the scene and aimed a gun at the tiger. The owner of the house then ran out of a murder suspect in his 20s who was released on bail and begged the police officer not to shoot the tiger.

– He was stressed and upset that the policeman was ready to shoot, says Ramos, a neighbor.

During Norwegian time on Monday, several videos of the man with a tiger were spread in a residential area Twitter. When a man approaches a car with a tiger you can hear him arguing loudly in one or two of them.

Tigers wanted: Police Chief Ronald Porsche at a press conference on Monday.  Photo: Godofredo A.  Vasquez / Houston Chronicle / AB / NDP
Request Tiger: Police Chief Ronald Porsche at a press conference on Monday. Photo: Godofredo A. Vasquez / Houston Chronicle / AB / NDP
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Ran away

Shortly before Houston police arrived at the scene, the murder suspect drove the tiger away in a white SUV.

It was a short car chase, and the man fled with the tiger, Houston Police Chief Ron Porsche told a news conference Monday.

The murder suspect was later arrested at his parents’ home in Richmond, Virginia, but “the whereabouts of the tiger are now unknown,” police said. Twitter Tuesday.

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The person also informed police that there were monkeys in the house, but this is not illegal under Texas law. Having a tiger in the house, on the other hand, can result in a fine of up to 4,000 kroner.

The man, now accused of murder in his 20s, has been charged with resisting arrest and wants police to withdraw his release after a murder charge from November 2020.

Court documents say he has committed a number of crimes since he was first arrested in 2017.

Tiger: On the outskirts of Houston, Texas, residents were warned that a Bengal tiger was causing unrest on the streets. Reporter: Jenny Emily Ass / Duckblatted TV
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Wes Manian, a civil servant who arrived at the scene, said he feared the tiger would attack anyone. There should be many families with children in the area.

– It followed me across the street, but didn’t seem too aggressive. He says the last thing I wanted was to shoot the tiger Houston Chronicle.

The newspaper reports that investigators suspect the tiger may be linked to a league dealing with exotic animals.

Police did not find any other animals when they searched the house on Monday, but reportedly found signs of the tiger sleeping there.

The man’s lawyer in the murder case told his client on Monday that the tiger did not belong to him. He says the customer wants to help the police find the tiger and its owner.