January 22, 2022

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US withdraws troops from Iraq: – A PR stunt

President Barack Obama withdrew US troops from Iraq in 2011. He had to send them back when IS was so strong. Now they go out again.

US troops withdraw from Afghanistan – now into Iraq A British researcher says it ends in a complete failure.

US President Joe Biden has ordered all US troops to withdraw from Afghanistan. He is trying to transfer prisoners at the Guantanamo Bay base in Cuba to other countries. And on Monday he received the Prime Minister of Iraq at the White House.

The U.S. war effort in Iraq will be officially completed by the end of this year, Biden said after the meeting. U.S. troops, on the other hand, continue to train Iraqi forces and “cooperate in the fight against terrorism.”

“Our role in Iraq is to get, train, assist and deal with IS when needed, but we will not be at war until the end of this year,” he said.

Biden seeks to end US history, beginning with the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the United States. Screwer The Washington Post.

The focus should be away from the Middle East and terrorism. Now one has to focus on the threats and cyber attacks coming from China.

– America must fight for the next 20 years, not the last 20 years, Biden said.

Complete failure

Toby Dodge, a professor at the London School of Economics and Political Science, says the US “endless wars” in Afghanistan and Iraq end in complete failure.

– The United States left Iraq in 2011, but had to return in 2014 to fight the Islamic State. Iraq is now run by an elite affiliated with Iran. The country is very violent and unstable. Now the United States is minimizing its presence. This is even worse in Afghanistan, Dodge says succinctly.

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In May 2003, President George W. Bush declared it an “accomplished task.” Then, Iraq plunged into a bloody chaos.

– Is America trying to move away from what it was 20 years ago and focus on something else?

“Interventions in Afghanistan and Iraq are a complete and costly mistake and now they are trying to gain minimal influence at minimal cost,” Dodge said.

– A political PR stunt

Biden’s predecessor Donald Trump ordered a reduction in the number of U.S. troops in Iraq, now numbering about 2,500.

They continue to suffer from rocket and drone strikes, probably carried out by pro-Iranian militants. The aim has long been to train and assist Iraqi forces. What is happening now does not mean any real change, Dodge believes.

Iraqi protesters have also angered Prime Minister Mustafa Qadimi.

“I am surprised that the United States is withdrawing its troops from Iraq when there are no forces in Iraq,” Dodge said.

– This is a PR stunt that aims to help Mustafa al-Qadimi in the October election because they believe he will continue as prime minister.

Something Dodge thinks Kademi will not win.

The tragedy in Iraq continues to be predicted

The October election comes after protracted protests against what Dodge calls the “spectacularly corrupt and violent ruling elite.”

Iraq has abundant resources, including in the form of oil, but people have to live without the energy and water supply to operate. The demand of the people was a free choice where one can get rid of the whole corrupt elite. But that is not going to happen, Dodge predicts.

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– Elections will not be free and fair, he says, as many of the opposition candidates are being killed by militants.

– What does this mean for the future of Iraq?

– It will be unhappy, full of violence and corruption.

– Who will rule the country?

– Same ruling elite, but with a different prime minister.