October 23, 2021

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US UFO report has no clear answers – NRK Urix – Foreign News and Documentaries

The U.S. government on Friday issued a statement regarding several cases involving unidentified aircraft labeling (UFO).

They have examined several video recordings made by the military of objects at hypersonic speeds. (Faster than the speed of sound). Some of them walked around and suddenly disappeared.

Report He concludes that there is no evidence that what is described as unexplained or unidentified wind events may be UFOs. But they can’t Dismiss that there may be extraterrestrial beings.

Between 2004 and 2021, 144 observations were made, which are described as unidentified wind events. Only one of these cases can be described as a large, puncture balloon.

The remaining cases were not classified due to lack of information. Among them are three filmed observations, which have been downgraded by the Ministry of Defense and published in recent years.

The 18 observations in the report are of “unusual” operating patterns in the air.

No obvious signs

Investigators investigating these 144 cases have found no signs of life outside the world, or “clear signs” that there may be new unknown technology from countries such as China and Russia.

“This is not a clear data, it could indicate new technology from a potential attacker,” a senior official told Reuters.

In the future, the Ministry will develop a new strategy for collecting and monitoring information on possible observations.

Part of Trump’s coronation package

When former President Donald Trump signed the $ 2.3 trillion crisis package to help the United States hit hard by the corona virus, they discovered that the bill was not just about the epidemic.

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It also contained the well-hidden order of the military and intelligence.

They still had 180 days To inform Congress About what they learned about “unidentified atmospheric phenomena”.