January 17, 2022

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US denies Taliban seizure of Kabul airport – Viji

Money was rejected from the Pentagon following reports that the Taliban had taken control of parts of the airport.


The AFP first reported that the Taliban had taken control of parts of the airport in Kabul, citing a Twitter message:

“Today, three key locations in the military area of ‚Äč‚ÄčKabul airport were evacuated by the Americans and are now under the control of the Islamic Emirate,” wrote Bilal Karimi. Twitter news.

But the Pentagon fought back.

According to several media reports, US Secretary of Defense John Kirby says the Taliban is out of control Some parts Of the airport. Some say he did not say any part of it Army Part of the airport.

– Report any other fake. Kirby said the Taliban did not control any gateways or airport operations – they were still under US military control, according to several US journalists.

Nabishe Kohnward, one of the BBC’s Middle East correspondents; Wrote The Taliban have taken control of parts of the airport on Twitter, but deleted the message when she could not confirm whether it was true. Shortly after the AFP released its report, she wrote that it was still true and that it was a “step-by-step process” according to her sources.

“The Taliban now control part of Kabul airport and part of the army, and will gradually gain full control by August 31,” the BBC correspondent wrote.

The Norwegian Armed Forces Operations Headquarters (FOH) is in contact with the Norwegian Field Hospital at the airport. FOH told NTB that it had no information to confirm the Taliban’s statement.

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– But Lieutenant Colonel Iver Moen told NTB that it was not true that they were taking control of certain parts of the airport without affecting our security situation.

Spokeswoman Kirby said at a Pentagon press conference Friday night that the United States could expel people until the last minute. According to Griffith, they detained 5,000 men and women at the airport on Friday afternoon.

The White House also confirmed Friday that August 31 was the date of the last draw and that the draw had not been expedited.