January 17, 2022

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US condemns Erdogan statements – VG

US President Joe Biden and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Photo: AP / AFP

The United States believes the Turkish president’s statements about Israel are anti-Semitic and reprehensible. Recep Tayyip Erdogan also provoked Austrian officials who invited the country’s Turkish ambassador to the carpet.


The US State Department on Tuesday night cracked down on Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

“The United States strongly condemns his recent anti-Semitic statements about the Jewish people, and we consider them reprehensible,” State Department spokesman Netflix wrote in a statement. Report.

Erdogan did not specifically write which statements reflect the United States, but makes it clear that this applies to the statements that came with it. About the ongoing Israeli airstrikes in Gaza.

– We urge President Erdogan and other Turkish leaders to refrain from commenting on new acts of violence. We urge Turkey to work with the United States to end the conflict, as the US State Department continues.

The mortality rate is increasing

Erdogan has not yet commented on the US statement.

The President of Turkey, who has said so before Israeli airstrikes on Gaza are seen as an attack on all Muslims, He said that Monday Israel is a terrorist state that massacres the Palestinian people.

– You are using unparalleled force and bombing Gaza with your warplanes. Are there fighter jets in Gaza? No. Theirs, by their airstrikes, are innumerable, he continues.

Violence between Israel and Hamas is now in its second week, with at least 218 Palestinians killed so far, including 63 children. Twelve children – including two children – have died in Israel, Al Jazeera writes.

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To attack the pit

The Turkish newspaper writes that the Turkish president has taken drastic action against US President Joe Biden Freedom.

Biden has repeatedly stated that he believes Israel has the right to defend itself against rocket attacks from Hamas and other militant groups. On Monday night, he went out for the first time and said he would support a ceasefire between the parties.

“Unfortunately, you are writing history with your bloody hands when it comes to total unbalanced attacks in Gaza, which have turned hundreds of people into martyrs,” Erdogan said on Monday. Has approved the sale of arms to Israel.

The sale was approved before the final escalation of the conflict.

Relations between Fiden and Erdogan are already tense after Fiden admits to being Armenians Was subjected to genocide in the Ottoman Empire about 100 years ago. The two leaders are scheduled to meet during a NATO summit in Brussels in June.

MICHIGAN: Joe Biden met with US-Palestinian Congressman Rashida Tilak in Michigan on Tuesday. There were large protests in support of the Palestinians in the area. Photo: Nicholas Com / AFP

Austria: “Absurd”

Erdogan also provoked Austria: On Monday, he criticized the country’s decision to hoist the Israeli flag on government buildings. Last week was done in solidarity with Israel.

“I curse the Austrian government for hoisting the Israeli flag on its building,” Erdogan said on Monday, “Austrian authorities are trying to price Muslims for genocide against Jews” – a reference to the Holocaust during World War II.

On Tuesday, Austrian Foreign Minister Alexander Schalenberg summoned the Turkish ambassador to the carpet over Erdogan’s “absurd” remarks.

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– The Middle East conflict cannot be resolved when we foaming at the mouth. Instead of pouring petrol on the fire, Turkey should help calm the situation, According to the AP, the foreign minister says.