October 23, 2021

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US airstrikes on “Iranian-backed rebels” in Iraq and Syria – NRK Urix – Foreign News & Documentaries

Writes in one of the Pentagon News release The attacks were ordered by President Joe Biden and were carried out Sunday night.

According to the Pentagon, the attacks were aimed at facilities used by pro-Iranian rebels.

The attacks took place along the border between Iraq and Syria.

“Targets were selected because these facilities were used by pro-Iranian rebels who are carrying out attacks on US staff and facilities in Iran,” the Pentagon wrote.

According to the Americans, among other things, the arsenals were attacked. It should have been a target in Syria and a target in Iraq. According to the Pentagon, the targets were facilities used for drone strikes on US targets.

– Five deaths

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby says this is a defensive attack. He says what is happening will be a response to the many attacks on Americans.

The BBC reports that about 2,500 US troops are stationed in Iraq. They are part of an international coalition fighting the terrorist organization IS.

“The United States has taken the necessary and targeted action to reduce the growing risk, but send a clear and concise message,” Kirby said.

There have been reports of deaths since the attacks, but this has not been officially confirmed. According to the Syrian Laboratory for Human Rights, at least five rebel fighters have been killed and many more wounded in the attacks.

Warned Iran

Sunday’s attack is the second time the Biden administration has carried out attacks in the region. In February, the United States attacked facilities in Syria near the Iraqi border.

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Even then, the United States claimed that the attacked rebel groups had received support from Iran.

Biden said at the time that Iran should launch attacks as a warning that the country could expect repercussions if it continued to support rebel groups threatening US targets.

– You can’t act like you’re innocent. Be careful, Biden responded to the question of what message he would like to send with the attacks in February.


On Sunday, Biden briefed the press that he would not comment on the new attacks, but said the president would say more on Monday.

At the same time, the Pentagon is warning of new attacks.

– Biden has made it clear that he will act to protect American workers. In light of the continuing attacks by pro-Iranian rebels, the president has ordered new military action to prevent such attacks, Kirby said.

He further added that the United States acted in self-defense under international law.