January 17, 2022

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United Kingdom: – Not found – Stepmother convicted of murder

On Monday this week, a man in Cambridge was convicted of the murder of his adopted daughter Bernard Walker.

It writes many British media BBC.

No one has seen Bernadette alive since July 18, 2020, although police believe he is dead, although the body has not been found.

The 17-year-old girl, who went missing, told her mother that her stepmother had been sexually abused, but after telling her mother about the abuse, she did not get the reaction she expected.

– A liar

She was not believed.

– I told my mom he abused me. She called me a liar.

It appears in a note from the little girl’s diary, which has now been used as evidence against the stepmother and mother.

According to the diary, the mother allegedly threatened to kill him if he contacted the police.

He called him “Daddy”

The 17-year-old was a small child when his stepmother came into his life.

He was a neighbor of the then three-year-old Bernadette, who lived with his mother in Wakefield, south of Leeds, England.

Shortly afterwards, a neighbor started a relationship with Bernadette’s mother, and after the relationship with Bernadette’s mother grew rapidly, the woman immediately had a large family.

She got the family name of stepmother and called him “Dad”.

Make an offer

In court, the girl’s mother admitted that she had twice tried to confuse the police by sending messages from Bernadette’s mobile phone and giving false information about her disappearance.

The mother has been found guilty of concealing information and attempting to conceal her husband, while the stepmother has been found guilty of the murder.

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Not given: A team of about 1700 people is still looking for Bernadette Walker.  Photo: Cambridgeshire Police
Not given: A team of about 1700 people is still looking for Bernadette Walker. Photo: Cambridgeshire Police
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The search process continues

Although Walker is believed to be dead, many still have not stopped finding the woman.

According to Defender One of the girl’s brothers leads a Facebook group of about 1,700 people looking for her.

The little girl could still be alive, but she is hiding, and the team hopes they can find something that will bring them closer to what happened.