January 17, 2022

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UN Rebel insurgents – NRK Urix – are told to publish foreign news and documentaries

Oil tanker FSO Safer warns UN Security Council that “increased risk of humanitarian, economic, maritime and environmental catastrophe” News release.

According to the UN, the Houthi rebels controlling the region are not ready to release experts. The Security Council has now called for progress in this process.

The Houthis have control over most of southwestern Yemen and have been waging a bloody civil war since 2014 with the deported internationally recognized government.

FSO safe internal rust damage

UN internal documents that have received the AP show extensive rust damage to FSO security.

Photo: A.P.

Rust into pieces

The 45-year-old ship anchored at the Ross Isa oil terminal in 1988 with 1.1 million barrels of oil. Inventory value 40 million.

The Houthis seized control of the area in 2015, after which extensive rust damage began to engulf the ship. According to UN experts, the risk of explosion or explosion of a ship’s bow increases with each passing day.

Last year, news agency AP reported that water had leaked into the engine room.

Experts now say it is no longer possible to save the ship because the damage is so great.

The map shows the oil tanker FSO safe anchored location outside the port city of Hodeidah in Yemen.

Causing effects for many millions

Inger Anderson, head of the UN Environment Program, told the Security Council that the explosion on the ship could affect millions of people. An oil spill can take decades to clean up.

UN  Inger Anderson, President of the Environment Project

UN Inger Anderson, head of the environmental project.

Photo: Salvador de Nolpi / A.P.

– The oil spill could affect the livelihoods of 670,000 people, Anderson said.

He warned that the oil spill could lead to the closure of important port cities. This can lead to severe shortages of food and fuel for several weeks. A total of about 350 million is lost in five years.

It can also have dramatic effects on nature in the Red Sea, which is home to many large coral reefs.

In addition, it can disrupt shipping. The Red Sea is one of the busiest seas in the world and carries about 5 million barrels of oil every day.

In the event of a disaster, the UN Anderson says he has prepared a contingency plan.

FSO safe, satellite

This satellite image shows FSO safe and areas around the west coast of Yemen. The UN will repair the damage to the ship and find a solution so that the parties to the conflict can share the proceeds from the sale of oil.

Photo: A.P.

– Very disappointing

NRK was able to write in July last year The Houthi rebels, who have control of the area where the ship is located, have called on the UN to repair the damage. Must provide access.

But that did not happen. The UN says the Houthis refused to allow technicians to access the ship in March this year.

The Houthis, on the other hand, said in a statement on Tuesday that talks with the UN were stalling. They say the UN has rejected repairs due to lack of funding. They did not provide any documentation for this.

UN Spokesman Stephen Dujarric said the Houthis’ news was “very disappointing”. One of the problems is that the Houthis want the UN to “go in and fix the whole ship at once, which is impossible.”

War in Yemen

After the Saudi coalition airstrikes on July 2, 2020, an armed man stands in the middle of the remains of a department store in Sana’a.

Photo: Mohamed Huais / AFP

Civil War

Yemen has been plagued by civil war since 2014. Shiite Houthi rebels then seized control of the capital, Sanaa. They wanted to overthrow the Sunni Muslim government and have lower gas prices.

Although the Houthis have ties to Iran, the government has the support of neighboring Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

More than 100,000 people have been killed in the conflict. The UN refers to it as the world’s largest humanitarian crisis.

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