October 23, 2021

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UK facilitates infection control measures: –

The British government has confirmed that most of the epidemic controls in the UK will be lifted on July 19.

– We all long to come here and we all want it to be a one way trip, says Health Minister Sajid Javed, According to Sky News.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson confirmed plans to reopen during a press conference on Monday night.

The virus could not be eradicated

The country is reopening despite rising infections. For the sixth day in a row, the United Kingdom has reported more than 30,000 epidemics.

Wrote Monday Defender British ministers have been told that they must be prepared for one to two million epidemics each week in the future.

– It will never be the right time to introduce this step because we simply cannot eradicate the virus. Javid says the corona virus will not disappear whether we like it or not.

Warning: – Not over!

Johnson has previously signaled that the next phase of the reopening program will allow one to live as long as possible before the outbreak. So according to the people, the date of re-opening is named “Independence Day” in Norwegian.

“We believe this is the right time to reopen,” he told a news conference.

However, he emphasizes that relief does not mean the epidemic is over.

– But we can not go back to life as it was before Kovit. I can not say this enough: the epidemic is not over! The virus is still threatening. Caution is absolutely important at the re-opening stage and we must all take responsibility so that we do not all regret it.

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Patrick Valens, the government’s top scientific adviser, warns that the UK will see a “huge increase” in the incidence of infections if people do not follow the epidemic control measures that will continue after July 19.

Continuing strict border policy

Although much of the community is open on July 19, there will still be a strong focus on testing, infection tracking and isolation.

The Prime Minister says the UK’s tough border policy will continue. This means that everyone coming to the UK from red countries is still subject to entry isolation.

Although this requirement will be removed Monday, Johnson is urging people to continue working from home.