December 4, 2021

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Two Americans sentenced to life in prison for killing a policeman in Italy – VG

Sent to life: Finnegan Lee Elder (21) in a courtroom in Rome after the verdict was handed down Wednesday night. Photo: TIZIANA FABI / AFP

A policeman has been stabbed to death over a cocaine deal that went wrong. Two Americans were sentenced Wednesday to life in prison in Rome for murder.


According to New York Times Several gases were heard in the court on Wednesday night when the verdict against Finnegan Lee Elder (21) and Gabriel Nadel-Horth (20) fell in court in Rome.

Both were 19 and 18 years old at the time of the murder of 35-year-old policeman Mario Cercello Rega.

Two friends from California and alumni friends were on summer vacation in Europe in 2019. One traveled across the continent, while the other met his grandparents in Italy. They met in Rome, where they were charged with murder, extortion, resisting a public official and carrying a knife, NDP writes.

The trial lasted 14 months from February 2020, and both Americans were found guilty by an arbitral tribunal on Wednesday and sentenced to life in prison. They could be released on probation quickly in 21 years.

Background: Two tourists have been charged with stabbing a police officer in Italy

Killed: Rosa Maria Ecilio holds a picture of her late husband Mario Cercello Reca during interrogation in Rosa. Photo: GUGLIELMO MANGIAPANE / AFP

Rosa Maria Escio, the widow of the guard, suffocated with tears as she read the verdict. Writes AP. She had to bury her husband in the same church where they got married just six weeks ago, she writes NBC.

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– His integrity is protected. He is the son of all, the policeman of all. He is a wonderful husband, a respected and respected civil servant, he says outside the courtroom.

Renato Porzone, who is the defense attorney for convicted Finnacan Lee Elder, calls According to AP Ruling of humiliation for Italy. To CNN He says he will appeal the verdict. Natale-Hjord’s bodyguard says he has no words.

“Finnegan, I love you,” cried Lee Elder’s father as his son and friend were taken away after the verdict.

Murder convict Finnegan Lee Elder, 21, speaks to his parents in Rome on Wednesday before being sentenced. Photo: REMO CASILLI / REUTERS

According to the verdict, the background to the incident was a failed attempt to buy cocaine at Trosteever in Rome.

After the deal got worse, the two Americans stole the broker’s bag and demanded money to return it. Police were involved, and two officers – including Mario Cercello Rega – appeared at a pact meeting with two Americans.

The four met at a street corner in the early hours of July 26, 2019, and a quick fight ensued.

The basket case ended with Cercello Rega being stabbed 11 times. He died of his injuries.

In court: Rosa Maria Ecilio, who married the murdered policeman Mario Serciello Rega, shortly after the verdict was handed down in Rome on Wednesday night. The two had recently returned for a honeymoon when the person was killed. Photo: Remo Castile / Reuters

Hours later, two young Americans were arrested in their hotel room. There, police found the knife hidden inside the roof panel.

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Finnegan Lee Elder, then 19, admitted to stabbing a police officer. Comrade Gabriel Nadel-Horth is said to have fought with Andrea Variel, another police officer at the scene.

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Tinder was sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder

Both Americans argued that he acted in self-defense. Their bodyguards said police officers did not understand who the two were.

Police officer Varriel, who testified during the 14-month investigation, explained that he and his accomplice identified themselves as police officers.