January 17, 2022

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Trump’s foreign secretary received whiskey for 51,000 kroner. Now the government is wondering where it went.

A precious gift in the US State Department is going wrong. Often before with whiskey, the main character is hard to remember.

Mike Pompeo is a former Secretary of State and CIA Director. He is also said to have received a bottle of whiskey as a gift, which he no longer has.

In 2019, the prize will be presented to then-US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo during a summit in Japan. Gift whiskey bottle. The brand is unknown, but not worth it: about 51,000 kroner.

Now the bottle has disappeared without a trace News agency A.P..

In the annual perspective of gifts received by public officials, the Foreign Ministry writes that it is not known what happened to the bottle. They further write that we are exploring where it went.

Pompeo does not know the gift

According to a report to the AP, Mike Pompeo says he is unaware of the gift. It is also alleged that Pompeo was not contacted about the Foreign Ministry’s investigation.

Mike Pompeo receives a gift during a visit to Saudi Arabia.

According to the AP, Pompeo received the prize during a summit attended by then-President Donald Trump. Pompeo was the US Secretary of State from April 2018 until the Trump administration resigned in January this year.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is constantly on the lookout for all such gifts and what is happening to them. As a rule, gifts may be handed over to the US National Archives or another government agency.

But if the gift recipients give what is worth the gift, there is also the opportunity to purchase gifts for their own use. Also if the prize value is less than $ 390, about 3500 kroner, recipients can keep them for free.

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Japanese whiskey has become an increasingly precious gift in recent years, we must believe New York Times. Usually a reliable newspaper writes that well-aged Japanese whiskeys sell for thousands of dollars. But they also write that the taste is similar to whiskeys from Ireland, Scotland and the United States.

The then President Donald Trump was with his Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo during the 2019 G-20 summit in Osaka, Japan. It was at this meeting that Pompeo is said to have received the gift of whiskey.

Carpets, guns and golden deer statue

On the Foreign Ministry list, one finds gifts worth more than a bottle of Japanese whiskey. But you know where these went, the overview shows.

In the same year, Pompeo reportedly received two expensive blankets from the President of Kazakhstan and the Foreign Minister of the United Arab Emirates. These must have been worth about 170,000 kroner.

But Pompeo’s blankets and whiskey bottles are drops in the sea compared to the gifts given to the then president and his first lady.

Donald and Melania Trump together received more than 10 million prizes. Highlights include an old gun from the Ottoman Empire, a horse statue in bronze and a deer statue made of gold, precious stones and diamonds.

From the ministry’s point of view, all these gifts were given to the US National Archives.

Donald Trump receives a majestic guard during a visit to the West Point Army Camp in 2020.