January 17, 2022

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Trump turned against him when he told people to get vaccinated – Viji

Meeting: Donald Trump attended a public meeting in Gulman, Alabama on Saturday, which declared a state of emergency two days ago due to high infection rates.

At a public meeting in Alabama on Saturday, many bowed when former President Donald Trump recommended to the crowd to be vaccinated against Govt-19.


Alabama has the lowest vaccination coverage in the United States, with only 37 percent of the population being fully vaccinated and infection is on the rise.

– Do you know what else? I fully believe in their freedom. I am doing. You have to do what you have to do. But I recommend getting vaccinated. I did. They are good. Get vaccinated, Trump said. It suggests NBC News.

Then someone in the crowd without a face mask responded with a bow.

– No, that’s fine. It’s okay. You have freedom, Trump said again.

– But I had to get vaccinated. If that doesn’t work, you’ll find out first, right? Then I called Alabama and said, hey, what do you know? But it works, the former president continued.

Close: Many came to hear Donald Trump speak.

The meeting, sponsored by York Family Farms, declared a state of emergency on Thursday as infection rates rose sharply. There are no beds in the intensive care unit in the city.

The delta variability is increasing in Alabama and elsewhere in the United States.

See a sharp rise in infection rates in Alabama She.

As New York Times As reported earlier this month, most people now hospitalized with Covid-19 have not been vaccinated.

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A washing machine survey under the auspices Kaiser Family Trust Shows that Republicans are the second lowest group to be vaccinated. Only among Americans under the age of 65 who do not have health insurance, the number is higher.

Fifty-seven percent of Republicans say they have received at least one dose of the vaccine or will soon be vaccinated, while 40 percent say they will never take it, only take it if necessary or they are still waiting to see the basics. ā€¯Method.