October 23, 2021

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Trump organization charged with multiple crimes – VG

Handcuffs: Trump organization CFO Alan Weiselberg was handcuffed. Photo: Justin Lane / EPA

The OSLO / NEW YORK (VG) Trump organization and CFO Alan Weiselberg have been charged with 15 different offenses. – Donald Trump says political witch hunt continues.


Earlier on Thursday, several U.S. Including the media Wall Street Journal, Donald Trump’s company and the company’s CFO. Charged in connection with the tax investigation.

On Thursday night, the Trump organization, and CFO Alan Weiselberg, 73, were charged with 15 different offenses – including gross fraud, embezzlement, conspiracy, tax evasion and falsification of accounts. This was reported by several US media outlets on Thursday.

Weiselberg was brought into the courtroom wearing handcuffs. According to the government, he is responsible for embezzling $ 1.7 million in taxes, equivalent to about 15 million kronor, according to Reuters.

Driven Away: Weiselberg drove out of the building with prosecutors and into a waiting car. Photo: Camila Svennes Bergland

Tax evasion is said to have been going on for more than 15 years. Weiselberg has worked for the Trump family for 48 years.

Did not plead guilty

The news agency AP said the CFO had not pleaded guilty to any of the charges. Former President Donald Trump has not been charged even in this round.

“Political witch hunting from left-wing radical Democrats, now New York is carrying out this task,” Trump told Reuters.

There were several journalists returning outside the courthouse in Manhattan on Thursday afternoon local time.

Weiselberg left the building with prosecutors and rushed to the waiting car. Two lawyers from the Trump organization gave the media a short press conference outside the court.

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– These are just allegations. Attorney Alan Futurfas said they need to prove these claims.

The organization says they are very confident and confident that this accusation will not have a significant impact on the company.

Source: Trump organization lawyer Alan Futterfas says the allegations must be proven. Photo: Camila Svennes Bergland

Investigated for more than two years

Case related to unreported benefits not paid to managers and other employees regarding the payment of apartment, car and school fees.

– His lawyers, Mary Mulligan and Brian Scarlados, said earlier Thursday that he would fight the charges in court.

The company, run by former US President Donald Trump, has been under investigation by the New York Attorney General’s Office and Attorney General Sy Vance for more than two years. In May, the trial was granted the status of a criminal investigation.

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The New York elections could determine Trump’s fate

Among other things, it was examined whether Trump had raised the value of his companies in order to obtain favorable credit terms and whether he had stated a lower value of his assets to achieve lower taxes.

The former president had previously said he believed the investigation against him was politically motivated.

The Trump organization said in a statement that Weiselberg was being used as a snippet in a game to darken the former president.

– This is not justice, the company says it is politics.