October 23, 2021

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Trump back on “revenge tour”

Ever since Trump handed over the keys to the White House, it has been unusually quiet for him.

However, the night before Sunday’s Norwegian time, he returned to his fan base, his first rally since he spoke before the storm of Congress on January 6 – resulting in a march against the Congress building, five deaths and a new, historic Supreme Court indictment against him.

“Five months later, the Biden government is already in a complete disaster,” he said with the full enthusiasm of those in Wellington, Ohio.

“We will withdraw the House of Representatives, we will withdraw the Senate, we will withdraw the United States,” he continued.

“Four more years, four more years, four more years!”, It sounded from the big crowd.

Trump is planning several rallies in the future in support of Republicans standing for his assessments ahead of next year’s by-elections. In addition to the governor election, key seats for the House of Representatives and the Senate will be distributed there.

CROWD: Thousands of Trump supporters return to watch the former president speak.  Photo: Shannon Stapleton / Reuters / NDP
Popular: Thousands of Trump supporters turned up to see the former president speak. Photo: Shannon Stapleton / Reuters / NDP
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Trump has long made it clear that he is The Supreme Court is seeking retaliation for the Republicans who voted against him in the case It did not end with hope, as it had before.

He did not take long to turn his shot at Republican Ohio Congressman Anthony Gonzalez. One in ten members of the House of Representatives voted against Trump.

– He’s bad news and not respected in Washington D.C. He voted for an unconstitutional Supreme Court case against me – witch hunting, Trump said Sunday night.

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Already in February, Trump offered his support to Max Miller, who will run against Gonzalez in the state in the by-elections.

– Max Miller is a great person who did a good job at the White House. Incumbent Congressman Anthony Gonzalez should not represent voters in the 16th District because he does not represent their interests, he said.

“He’s a ‘salesman,’ a fake Republican and a disgrace to their state,” Trump told a rally tonight.

He also isolated Liz Cheney, who was ousted as the third top Republican leader in May, after he was criticized for saying that Trump had lost the election in November due to fraud and was inciting those who attacked Congress.

The crowd bowed as Trump mentioned the names.

TALTE: It was not Donald Trump’s speech that boiled the web after a conference in North Carolina on June 6, 2021. Reporter: Jeanette N. Vic. Video: NTP, Twitter
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– Flood boundaries

On Wednesday, Trump plans to visit the Mexican border, calling for an end to the “rhetoric” about immigration, just days after Vice President Kamala Harris visited it. He believes the Biden government’s immigration policy has not solved it and led to the challenge now facing the country.

Customs and Border Authority It is at least 20 years since the large number of migrants at the border in the same month of May this year, according to figures.

“Millions of people are coming to you, we don’t know who they are,” Trump continued:

– We must stop the illegal Biden agenda and his undeniable immigration policy and restore border controls.

“Crime is on the rise, and murder rates are rising,” Trump has repeatedly said.