October 23, 2021

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“Trojan Shield” – New Method Revealed: Smuggling in Fish

On Tuesday, Interpol confirmed it More than 800 have been arrested In a coordinated police operation, this includes 16 countries.

An application, the encrypted chat function AMOM, has taken FBI targeted action to detect criminal networks.

Mafia networks, criminal motorcycle gangs and syndicates in Asia have been monitored for discussing everything from drug trafficking to murder.

Nine people have so far been arrested in Norway on charges of serious drug offenses.

– There is a lot of sensitivity around the move, and cases are being prosecuted in counties, says Morton Stein, a police lawyer at Gripos du Doclat.

Gripos: Police Attorney Morton Stein.  Photo: Darbjorn Berg / Dog Platted
Gripos: Police Attorney Morten Stein. Photo: Darbjorn Berg / Dog Platted
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Through encrypted mobile phones, the perpetrators arranged to export cocaine from Ecuador to Belgium, which, according to U.S. court documents, was hidden in a container in tuna boxes.

They do not know that the FBI is running an encrypted application.

Cocaine smuggled in French diplomatic envelopes from Bogotைகளில், Colombia, writes The New York Times.

Something stamped with the Batman logo. Drugs shipped to Spain were hidden in fish.

Stein explains that in the process of “Trojan Shield” they invented a completely new method of abduction, but he did not want to go into the details of that method.

– When it is carried, it is concealed to varying degrees. The way to cover it up is new here. I can’t go out with it, he says.

Many international associates of Gripos are unaware of this pattern.

Organized Crime: An undercover operation led to hundreds of arrests. Many countries are involved. Video: AFP
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Comes from Sweden

The way of abduction is not new.

– No new route released. There are elements that are part of the investigation, which we need to clarify. In such cases this path does not seem to be different from what we already know. Trailers from Sweden to Norway are used. Although not in all of these cases, Stein says.

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He explains that it is too soon to say that this is a huge criminal network.

– The communication network of various investigations is completely central to further investigation. Questions about who you met, where you contacted, where, when, and what you work on in such an investigation.

Each individual police district conducts its own investigation, but he insists that Gripos is a link between the districts and international partners.

Several districts involved

So far, nine people have been arrested in Norway, and Stein has not ruled out arrests.

So far, arrests have been confirmed in domestic, southeastern and southwestern countries.

Three people have been charged with illicit drug trafficking in the local police district. They are being held in custody due to the risk of losing evidence.

“For the sake of the investigation, we can not comment further at this time,” said Marie Laritsen Husley, head of the prosecution’s press release.

Two of them are said to belong to Tottenham Hammer Orbiterplot. The police confirm Dansbergs flat Both have been arrested in the Southeast Police District.

One Lithuanian was arrested in Dansberg on Monday and another in Telemark. Police Inspector O’Donoghue confirmed to the newspaper that the two lived in Norway. None of them plead guilty. They were taken into custody on Wednesday.

A man was arrested Monday in Sorwest.

– He has been charged with serious drug offenses. Police attorney Karen Mork writes in a statement that police, for the sake of investigation, could not say where the person was arrested in the district or give other details about the accused or the case.

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– Good proof

Great Leon Medlit, head of the Joint Investigation and Intelligence Unit at the Oslo Police, did not want to comment on whether he had been arrested in Oslo.

– We are well aware of the operation, but can not comment beyond this, he says.

A police district is planning to call someone abroad and make an arrest there. This person has a role behind the scenes, and he is not a Norwegian citizen, says police prosecutor Stein.

He has no overview of how many people in the Norwegian police force are working on the case, but says they used “a lot of resources”.

– Our assessment is that the information we receive from this site is information that has a good starting point in the investigation. We consider it a good source. So, we choose to spend a lot of resources to find out who is involved here.

– I would like to commend many police districts for investing in this. It is a promising starting point for taking on appearances as actors in the drug community and also contributes to us analyzing information by creating a better perspective.