January 22, 2022

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Three-year-old child among those killed in Plymouth

The shooting massacre in the UK is the worst since 2010 BBC.

The police did not investigate the killings as a terrorist act.

Jack Davison, a 22-year-old suspect, was the first to shoot a 51-year-old woman. It happened inside a house, police said at a news conference Friday.

Davison then continued on the street, where he shot and killed a three-year-old girl and a 43-year-old man associated with the woman.

Died at the hospital

He later shot and wounded a 33-year-old man and a 51-year-old woman who survived. They were hospitalized, but there were no life-threatening injuries.

After this, a 59-year-old man was shot in a green area, while a 66-year-old woman was shot in Henderson’s place. He later died at the hospital.

Police spokesman Shawn Sawyer said eyewitnesses told us that Davison later aimed his weapon at himself and took his own life.

Permission was taken

According to police, Davison had a license to carry a used handgun. It was discovered by him, so the police did not search for the other suspects.

The shooting drama lasted only 6 minutes, but police did not rule out that there could be more than 13 crime scenes in the southwestern city of England.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has expressed his condolences to the relatives and others affected by the incident.

Thanks to the emergency services for their efforts, the Prime Minister writes on Twitter.

Post videos

Davison has previously posted several videos online in which he expressed great dissatisfaction with life.

In a video, YouTube was later removed, the 22-year-old wrote that he was socially isolated, the BBC reported. He referred to the so-called Insels – groups of men who claim to live in “unwilling celibacy” and are often characterized by bad habits.

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– I know this is a movie, but sometimes I like to think of The Terminator or something. Despite almost a total computer failure, he is still trying to get the job done, Davison probably said in his last video.

– Screaming and shooting

Eyewitnesses described the culprit as a black man with a gun.

– First it screamed, then it shot. Initially three, maybe four, a woman in the city tells the BBC.

The offender then kicked a door and shot a house, before he ran out of the house and shot several people, she continues.

Another eyewitness said he turned around and “hit a boy with a gun.” The person is said to have been wearing black clothes.

After the gunfire was announced, the police rushed into Keitham district. Ambulances were speeding in the area, and an ambulance plane was used.