January 17, 2022

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Thousands of California firefighters are putting out the blaze. Lightning and trigger its own weather system. – V.G.

Forest Fire: Dixie freely rages in the woods of Blooms County, Northern California. Photo: AP / NTB

Thousands of firefighters are fighting against a wall of flames in California, creating its own weather system.


Flames reach such heights that they form their own cloud system with strong lightning and high winds. It provides new nutrition for wildfires that are developing at turbo speeds.

About 5,400 crews are fighting to control the blaze, but as of late Monday they had only 22 percent to control the blaze, according to the California Fire and Forest Department.

– If these clouds are high enough they have the potential to trigger lightning on the ground, Julia Ruthford warns.

Ruthford is a federal working meteorologist who is set aside to monitor how fire develops and how the weather affects it.

Fighting Fire: Firefighters have a hard time getting control of Dixie. Photo: AP / NTB

Racing around Dixie

The fire, dubbed Dixie, is the largest eruption in northern California since the middle of the month. This is part of a climate crisis that has brought with it suffocation and dangerous drought. Over the weekend, Dixie teamed up with another fire to trigger new outings.

Joan Capleman lives in a village near the town of Twain. He tells AFP that Dixie is the biggest fire he has ever seen. But he does not allow himself to be evacuated and soaks the floor and houses in water from a nearby stream.

He, along with his wife and sheep, create a large area around the farm with no dry grass, bushes or bushes.

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Destroyed: Burnt photos show where Dixie fell through the woods. Photo: AP / NTB


Uncontrolled wildfires are common in California, but are particularly vulnerable this summer, and this season is far from over. Last summer, which was the worst fire year in California history, saw three times as many plant fires this year than this time.

Firefighters from Florida have been flown in all directions to help fight Dixie and develop clouds of fire.

Despite the large scale, the fire burned 800,000 acres, mostly affecting remote areas and taking with it some residential homes and buildings.

Access: Firefighters talk to farmer John Gleason about Dixie approaching. Photo: AP / NTB

Drought and heat

The fire in California and Oregon comes at the beginning of the dream season, which has been driven by years of drought, strong gases and suffocation in early summer. Experts often agree in their analysis that this is linked to climate change.

The symptoms are obvious. Golf courses, outdoor areas, lakes and ponds – The grass is yellow and dry and the water level is low on record.

Preliminary investigation has revealed that Dixie was triggered by a tree that fell on one of the many thousands of electrical connections running through the forest. This power grid is owned by a private operator called Pacific Gas & Company, which was found guilty in a fire that destroyed the city of Paradise in 2018 and killed 86 people.

Project: New evacuations are planned. Here, residents of Quincy examine the fire map. Photo: AP / NTB

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