October 23, 2021

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This divides them into NRK

– I don’t watch studio broadcasts anymore. It hurts. And a little too close.

This is what television personality Karen-Marie Elfsen said when DocBlade spoke to him during the Bislett Games on Thursday. For the first time since 1985, he was at the athletic meet as a retiree.

Duck Plate’s article covers many Social media.

Last fall, Elebsen was forced to resign from the age limit at the 70-year-old NRK. As for Docbladet, the long profile from the TV-game did not hide the fact that he could still have taken over the tasks for NRK.

– But the rules are the same, he says.

The debate will appear from time to time. While Ellipson no longer has an NRK job, Eagle Trillo Olsen is a permanent expert for the NRK during the European Football Championship. He turned 79 on April 22, eight years older than Elfon.

Next year he will be 80 years old.

Pensioner: Dougladt met Karen-Marie Elfison at the Bislett Games on Thursday.  Photo: NDP
Pensioner: Duckbladt met Karen-Marie Elfison at the Bislett Games on Thursday. Photo: NDP
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Olav Hyper, NRK’s ​​Institutional Director, explains the process to DocBlade as follows:

Karen-Marie Elfsen made a wonderful effort for the NRK over the years, which was systematically highlighted in connection with her retirement. Looking at the age limit of 70, there is an equal rule for everyone who works permanently in the NRK.

He continues:

– For professionals and guests participating in our productions, there is no such age limit, so here editorial ratings lead to who is involved in different roles. This also applies in this case.

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Elfsen tells DocLead that he understands that the NRK has an age limit and that “70 years is the right thing to do.”

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– What I find a bit boring is that for those who work from time to time, it is not open to getting some freelance jobs from time to time. The employer had all the restrictions, so they could not offer tasks if it did not work. I think it’s a little different. But I did not spend much time and energy on this. There is nothing I can do about it anyway.

Profile: Karen-Mary Elefsen has worked at NRK since 1973.  Here in 2019 from Doha WC.  Photo: Liz Åserud / NTB
Profile: Karen-Marie Elfsen has worked at NRK since 1973. Here in 2019 from Doha WC. Photo: Liz Åserud / NTB
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When asked about NRK’s ​​founding director – can Ellipson be offered a freelance job in theory – he responds:

– In principle, yes.

Last fall, the government sent out a consultation plan to raise the general age limit for civil servants from 70 to 72 years. But the proposal met with opposition.

When DocLead posted the case about Elfsen on our Facebook page, the reactions were many – and doubled:

– A limit of 70 years. Enjoy life as a retiree, as long as your health lasts, a reader writes.

– I’m one of the many who do not think the NRK game would be fun anymore without Karen-Marie Elfsen and Line Anderson. It will be soft, without shine and soul, writes another.

NRK Expert: Eagle Trill Olson.  Photo: Hagon Mosvold Larsen / NDP
NRK Expert: Eagle Trillo Olson. Photo: Hagon Mosvold Larsen / NDP
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It is more about regular and eternal debate than liberating the younger powers. Although he will turn 80 next year, Trilo is one of the most coveted experts on NRK and TV2.

Commenting on the European Championships with Trilo, Andreas Stabrun Smith – insists he does not want to take part in the age debate on NRK. But he says of the collaboration with the training icon:

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– I think working with Trilo is so awesome and great. I will happily do it again – happily.

Elfsen says there has been a lot of knitting, netflix and homework since he left. At the same time, he points out a contradiction:

– It is a bit strange that you were elected President of the most important and powerful country in the world (USA) when you were almost 80 years old. But working in TV in Norway is not possible when you are now 70 years old.

President of the United States: Joe Biden, 78 years old.  Photo: NDP
President I USA: Joe Biden, 78 years old. Photo: NDP
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DR Personality insists that working at NRK is an adventurous journey.


– I no longer watch studio broadcasts, weekly broadcasts or news broadcasts. People may think this is very strange. But I’m trying to replace it in a way. I still lose my job, I didn’t do it.