October 23, 2021

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– They said the building was not in bad condition – VG

Tragedy: It is now four days since the block collapsed on the coastal town of Surside, north of Miami Beach. Photo: Marco Bello

Residents are reported to have reported in 2018 that the building was in “very good condition” despite an engineer warning of serious damage.


It marks four days since the volcanic eruption in the coastal town of Surfide, north of Miami Beach. According to CNN Nine people have been confirmed dead and 152 missing.

“We need a little more luck,” Mayor Daniel Levine Cava told a news conference Sunday.

There are rescue teams About 130 people They work in small groups and around the clock. At the same time, more and more people are asking questions about how this could have happened – and whether it could have been prevented.

Hope: Mayor Daniel Levine Cava. Photo: Maria Alejandra Cardona

According to the United States N.P.R. At a meeting in November 2018, residents and team members met with local officials and building manager Rose Prieto.

The topic of the meeting was the condition of the building, and the building manager should then have assured them that the building was in “very good condition” even though severe damage had been reported shortly before.

Susanna Alvarez was one of those who attended the meeting.

– They said the building was not in bad condition, he tells NPR.

The background to the meeting was that engineer Frank Morabido sounded the alarm in a conditional statement a month ago.

– Severe damage

He pointed out that the waterproof concrete layer under the swimming pool and driveway was severely damaged and one of the problems was that the water would leak out as the concrete was laid flat instead of tilting.

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He called it a serious design flaw, which would be too expensive to fix.

“Although some of the damage is minor, the deterioration of the concrete needs to be repaired in the short term,” he wrote in his statement. He did not suggest that the building might collapse, but said repairs were needed “to maintain the structural integrity of the building.”

Millions of edits

The required repairs are estimated to cost NOK 76 million. This emerges from an email from Morabido Consultants released this weekend.

The garage, entrance area and the area around the swimming pool alone cost 32 million Norwegian kroner.

Race: Local Emergency Response Force receives reinforcements from Mexico and Israel. Although there were many of them, so far they were only able to bring out nine. Photo: Thomas Nilsson / VG

No specific repairs were made when the building collapsed, but it is unclear whether the crash and cracks were the cause of the crash.

Local authorities have announced that they will carry out safety inspections of all buildings approaching the same age as the collapsed apartment block in about 40 years.

The bottom may have a start

According to The New York Times For example, the Sursite block collapse may be the worst accidental building collapse in U.S. history.

The newspaper writes that experts who examined the video footage of the disaster focused on a place in the lowest part of the apartment complex.

A fault in or below an underground parking garage can trigger a structural landslide.

– The slope seems to have started at the base or very close to the base of the housing structure. Engineer Donald O’Brien said the building did not collapse from above. Says Dusonberry.

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He has studied several structural collapses.

– Confusing findings

Shortly before the collapse, one of the residents reportedly had a kind of hole open near the pond. This reinforces the theory that the bottom of the housing complex began to collapse.

Michael Stratton told the newspaper he saw a hole through the window from his wife Cassie Stratton’s apartment on the 4th floor.

They were talking on the phone when Kasi told them about the unusual scene. After that, the conversation was interrupted. She is still missing.

Race: According to CNN, 152 people are still missing. Photo: David Santiago / Miami Herald

Said one of the first residents interviewed at the place The parking basement was the first to collapse, Which became a run out for him and his family. Then the whole building collapsed.

Educated Professor at Florida International University Landslide The building is said to have been built on previously drained wetlands, especially on the south side of the Surprise Towers. Decreased by 2 millimeters per year for three decades.

24 Hour Jobs: Eight of the nine people confirmed dead died when they were taken out. One of them was alive, but later died of his injuries. Photo: Giorgio Veera / AFP

Elena Salshauer, one of the three commissioners in Florida’s Surface, said Sunday night that survivors must have shuddered during construction nearby. Building for many years.

Salshaur also said that the aforementioned conditional report has been troubling since 2018.

In 2019, Mara Soula, a team member for the apartment complex, sent an email to Rose Prieto, the construction representative for the site.

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In the email, Saula wrote that he was concerned that the nearby structure would be dug too close to their property.