January 17, 2022

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There was a large-scale celebration: – Fake

A large party tent is set up in the Obama family’s mansion in Martha’s vineyard between New York and Boston.

A tent was planned for the less than 500 guests who were to celebrate former President Barack Obama’s 60th birthday on Saturday night.

After receiving reviews for a large number of guests, he wrote that the guest list was greatly reduced by Corona reviews. New York Times Friday. Among those cut were a number of government officials who served in the Obama administration.

– Danced all night

But the reduced guest list did not cause a significant hindrance in the celebration. Paparazzi photos from the site A large number of cars and minibuses took guests to the site.

Among other things, the photos show the famous couple Chrissy DeGene and John Legend arriving on the island. In addition, according to the New York Times, Steven Spielberg, Bruce Springsteen, George Clooney, J-Z and Beyonc will be on the guest list.

In total, about 200 people attended the party People. They write that Obama “danced all night” and “did not stop laughing.”

Dance video

Although guests have been asked not to share photos on social media, many have done so. Among them, the artist is here, writing USA Today. She is said to have posted a video of herself and Obama dancing without a mask. The video was later deleted.

During the Instagram video, he is said to have written “Best Barack Obama Day Congratulations”. What a wonderful evening !!!!! “

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After the video was removed, he reportedly released a new post. Speaking on the occasion, it said it was “grateful she was able to celebrate security” with the former president and family.

According to the public opinion, all the participants in the party were given specially sewn handkerchiefs, the logo written “44×60”, indicates that Obama is the 44th President of the United States and he is 60 years old.


Many Republican politicians have taken a tough stance against Obama after the party.

If Obama could keep hundreds of people without masks at birthday parties, ordinary people would not need to wear masks either. Ronnie Jackson, a Congressman from Texas, writes on Twitter that the liberal “elite” wants to create rules that they cannot follow.

Colorado Congressman Ken Buck has accused Obama of being “hypocritical.”

– Democrats will be ordered to wear masks, but not Obama and the sergeant (Washington, D.C. Jr., mayor), he writes on Twitter.

Graham Allen, who will run as a congressional candidate in the next election and is a key voice in the right-wing American media, believes Obama and Democrats are not following their own rules.

“Obama and his elite friends think they are more ordinary people than we are,” he wrote on Twitter.

Obama did not comment on the criticism. He was also not involved in the development of muzzle rules in the United States.

Waiting to see people

When Obama decided to cut the party and reduce the guest list, a spokesman sent a press release to several media outlets.

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– This outdoor event was planned months ago, in accordance with all current guidelines for controlling the epidemic, and with infection control measures. USA Today reports that as the delta variant has grown over the past week, President and Mrs Obama have decided to significantly reduce the event to include only family and close friends.

“President Obama congratulates everyone who sends birthday greetings from afar and looks forward to seeing people again soon,” it continues.