January 17, 2022

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The vaccine was bent after prayer

Former US President Donald Trump attended a rally in Alabama this weekend.

There he had a clear and distinct appeal to the people:

– You know what? I fully believe in their freedom. I will do. You have to do what you have to do. But I have a recommendation: Get vaccinated. I did. They are good. Get vaccinated.

But this invitation was not well received by the public, he writes NBC. Among other things, many are said to have bent Trump and shouted things at him.

Responded to criticism

Many responded that the former president should respond to criticism. Most of the criticisms of the authorities in the United States and elsewhere in the world are that the need for the vaccine restricts the freedom of the people.

– No, that’s fine. It goes well. You have more freedom. But I’m going to get vaccinated. If it does not work, you will know first. I called you in Alabama and said, “Hey, what do you know?” But vaccines work, Trump said after the bow.

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However, he stressed that he understood that people want to protect their freedom.

Wave of infection

Large areas of the southern states, including Alabama, are now in strong waves of epidemic. Many states have reported higher infection rates in recent weeks than in the long run.

A separate corona emergency was introduced Thursday in Gulman, the city where the voter meeting took place, to ensure the health service is capable of following the event, the local television channel wrote. ABC 3340.

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Alabama has the lowest vaccination rate in the United States, according to NBC. About 36 percent of the population there is now fully vaccinated. “People who are not vaccinated now are the cause of the Delta wave in the state,” said Governor Kay Ivy.

There was the corona

Trump is well aware of what it would be like to have Govt-19, as he has been diagnosed with the infection himself In early October, When he was still president.

Then he became very ill and he had to be admitted to Walter Reed Military Hospital for a few days, where he got oxygen to breathe.

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He was also given a cocktail of drugs that healed quickly.

Trump has spoken proudly about vaccines on previous occasions Another in a Fox interview in March.