January 17, 2022

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The Taliban have been carrying out attacks in the suburbs of Kabul

According to Afghanistan’s Interior Ministry, the Taliban have been infiltrating the city from all sides since 9:30 a.m. Norwegian time. This is what Reuters writes.

Turkish news agency Anatoly reported hearing noises near the presidential palace in the Afghan capital, Kabul. The information has not yet been confirmed by other sources.

Pressure: Many of President Ashraf Ghani's close political allies surrendered or were deported to the Taliban without a fight.  He himself did not want to retire

Pressure: Many of President Ashraf Ghani’s close political allies surrendered or were deported to the Taliban without a fight. He himself did not want to resign

At the same time, Afghan President Ashraf Ghani writes Twitter-condo Kabul was not attacked and “the situation is under control”.

Three Afghan officials told the AP that there had been no fighting so far. Taliban forces are said to be present in Kalagan, Karabakh and Baghman districts.

– The city was not captured by force

A Taliban spokesman says insurgents have been ordered not to enter the center of Kabul. This was reported by the news agency AFP.

A spokesman wrote on Twitter that the Islamic Emirate had instructed all its forces to stand at the gates of Kabul and not to try to enter the city.

In a statement, the AB said the Taliban had promised not to “forcibly” capture Kabul.

There are only six more provinces

BBC correspondent, Yalta Hakeem, Reports that the Taliban On the way to Kabul it meets zero resistance.

A local Afghan politician and Taliban claim to have taken over a new provincial capital west of Kabul. It writes AP.

The Taliban captured Maidan Wardak, the provincial capital of the same name, on Sunday morning. It is located 90 kilometers from Kabul.

As a result, the Afghan government now controls the capital, Kabul, and five other parts of Afghanistan’s 34 provincial capitals.

The Taliban took control of the provincial capital, Khost, on Sunday after capturing the Maidan trade capital west of Kabul, according to local politicians.

– Shock

Researcher and Afghan expert Christian Berg describes the situation in the country as a “complete collapse” of the existence of the Harbwigan Western Alliance.

KTITISK: Despite the strong international legalization of the invasion of Afghanistan 20 years ago, expert Christian Berg has always believed in Harbwigan.

KTITISK: Despite having strong international legitimacy 20 years ago, expert Christian Berg Harbwigan has always believed that the invasion of Afghanistan was wrong.

– It is shocking how fast and efficient the Taliban are now advancing. No one could have predicted this, he tells TV2.

According to Harbwigen, government forces surrendered to save civilian casualties. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

– At the same time, it raises questions about the military structure plan behind the United States and NATO.

“Biden Villain”

Harbwigen says there is a heated debate in the United States over the withdrawal and who is to blame for the decline in Afghanistan.

– Those who were strong enough to invade 20 years ago believe that Biden was to blame and that this was due to a failed strategy of retreat.

The PRIO researcher believes it is a false and completely distorted image.

– The lack of clear goals for two decades and the very limited resources are a big reason for what is happening now.

– What makes Afghanistan so bloody and complex?

– These are racial, political and geographical dividing lines. After the war in 2001, a solution involving the Taliban should have been negotiated. Then one can prevent the restructuring of the group and avoid the current situation.

Of In recent weeks, peace talks have taken place Between the Taliban and government officials in Doha, Qatar. It has not yet yielded results.

People need support

– Are the Taliban as bad as they were 20 years ago?

When they took Herat out earlier this week, they filmed government forces commanders being held safely on a plane to Kabul. There is no doubt that these images are real, but it is questionable how widely and in fact they are in practice.

A boy sells Taliban flags in Herat province west of Kabul.

A boy sells Taliban flags in Herat province west of Kabul. Photo: Hameed Surprise / AB / NDP

Harbwigan knows that the Taliban need the support of the people if they want to retain power in the country, and that this contributes greatly.

– I do not think there will be a coalition government as of now. The political future of Afghanistan, unfortunately, is defined by the Taliban, he insists.

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