January 17, 2022

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The Taliban “completely defeated” Viji, Afghanistan’s second largest city.

Petrol: Taliban militants on a motorcycle on Thursday in the Afghan city of Ghazni. The city is one of several cities abducted by the Taliban in recent days. Photo: Gulabuddin Amiri / AB

The Taliban insurgency has taken control of Kandahar, Afghanistan’s second largest city. On Friday morning, the 15th provincial capital also came under the control of the rebel group without a fight.


The city has become a city under the control of the Islamic Rebel group Taliban. With just hours to go, Afghan authorities lost some key cities: Herat, Ghazni and Gala – all fell on Thursday.

On Thursday night, the Taliban were accused of seizing Kandahar. The news came to AB News, which is referred to as local sources.

Taliban spokesman told the BBC on Friday night that “Kandahar has been completely captured”.

According to the AP, the sources will be anonymous because the fall of the city was not recognized by the government at the time. Local officials in the city said they were able to escape from the city with their entourage and escape from the airport by plane.

Hours before the capture: A member of the Afghan security forces parked a car at a checkpoint in Kandahar on Thursday. A few hours later, the city was under Taliban control. Photo: M SADIQ / EPA

Early on Friday morning, the Afghan MP CNN.

He says he, along with several others, fled to the military base at the airport and are waiting for them to be evacuated from the area.

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– Several government soldiers surrendered and the rest escaped, Kamin says.

Images on social media already showed Taliban militants on the streets of Kandahar on Thursday. The previous day, they had reportedly broken into a prison in the city.

Strategically important

The Taliban now have control of much of northern Afghanistan and have seized more and more strategically important cities. The most recent of these is Kandahar – the city where the Taliban originated.

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The city also has an international airport and is a major trading hub for the country.

– The worst thing is going to happen, Norwegian Defense Chief Eric Christopherson warned VG Thursday.

Abandoned: A market in Kandahar is much more empty than usual as a result of clashes between Afghan forces and the Taliban in many parts of the country. The film is set for Tuesday this week. Photo: M. SADIQ / EPA

He fears that the country’s developments will mark a full-scale civil war.

Dil Al JazeeraAnother spokesman for the group said the large number of Taliban-controlled cities showed that “the Afghan people welcome them.”

The news came on Friday morning that the country’s 15th provincial capital, Ferozco, had collapsed. The city is located in the western province of Gore.

According to local officials, the Taliban controlled it without fighting.

The rebel group also claims control of the provincial capital, Gala-e Na, in western Badjis province. Al-Jazeera writes that Afghan officials have not yet confirmed this.

The Security Council is considering the condemnation

On Friday night, the news agency Reuters reported that the UN had condemned the Taliban’s progress in Afghanistan. It is up for debate in the Security Council. The draft report will be outlined by Estonia and Norway.

– Reuters reports that the UN declares that it does not support the establishment of any power in Afghanistan that we have introduced through military support.

See: Taliban militant at the entrance to police headquarters in Kasni. Photo: AFP

Reuters reports that US Secretary of State Anthony Blingen has held talks with the foreign ministers of several allied countries – including NATO leader Jens Stoltenberg.

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On Thursday, that too became known The United States and Britain are sending additional troops to force their citizens to leave the country. Almost all staff at the US Embassy are being fired.

600 British and 3000 US troops are sent to expel their ambassadors and diplomats in the country.