January 17, 2022

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The Taliban captured a fourth capital

The case is being updated.

News agency AFP reports that Kunduz has fallen.

According to a social media report, the Taliban claimed control of the city of Kunduz on Sunday morning.

The rebels reportedly seized government vehicles’ armored vehicles, weapons and military equipment, the statement said.

Amaz News has released a video of the rebel movement allegedly hoisting the flag in the city’s main square.

– The Taliban have reached the city’s main square, and planes are bombing them. Abdul Aziz, a resident, says on the phone that this is a complete mess.

Heavy fighting broke out between Afghan government forces and the Taliban in the heart of the city of Kunduz on Sunday morning, local officials said.

– Strong street fights are going on in different parts of the city. Provincial councilor Amruddin Wali told AFP that some security forces had returned to the airport.

Many capitals fell

Local officials in Sar-e-Bull, the provincial capital of the same name, say the Taliban have seized all important buildings and that the officers are now staying in an army camp besieged by the Taliban.

Sir-e-Bull is the third provincial capital captured by the Taliban in three days.

The Taliban have seized two provincial capitals in recent days, but if they take Kunduz north, it will be their most important victory since foreign forces began to withdraw in May.

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On Friday they took the grenade in Nimros, and on Saturday they captured Shepherkhan in Jawzhan province.

A spokesman for Afghanistan’s defense ministry said US B-52 bombers had attacked several Taliban positions in the province on Sunday morning, killing more than 200 insurgents in airstrikes.

Fierce fighting is raging in Herat on the west and Kandahar and Lashkar-e-Taiba on the south.

(TV2 / NTP)