December 4, 2021

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The Russian writer may have drunk poison with a nervous agent

Journalist and poet Dmitry Bykov, who identified himself as a fierce critic of Russian President Vladimir Putin, fell seriously ill on a plane during a lecture tour in 2019.

Bykov was in a coma for five days, but was eventually recaptured. The doctors decided he was food poisoning.

According to the press joint Belling Gate In Amsterdam, however, Bykov had the same symptoms as when he fell seriously ill on a flight to Alexei Navalny in 2020. German doctors decided that Navalny was a new shocker, a neurotoxin developed in Soviet times.

Following agents

According to Bellingat, before he became ill, Bykov was hidden by the same Russian intelligence agents who followed Navalny shortly before he drank the poison.

According to Bellingat, airline tickets and mobile phone registration show that two of the only agents affiliated with the Russian security service, the FSP, were in the same cities and in Pico.

Two of the seven FSP agents, according to Bellingat, followed him on more than 35 trips around Russia in the years leading up to the poisoning.

Chemical weapons

Among the agents who covered up Navalny were a chemical weapons expert and a doctor who were in Novosibirsk, where an opposition politician drank poison.

Bykov also fell ill after a visit to Novosibirsk in April last year.

According to Bellingat, the same FSB agents were nearby when other opposition figures became increasingly ill in recent years, most notably opposition politician Vladimir Kara-Mursa, who was twice near death.

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