January 17, 2022

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The planes carrying the 14 evacuated Norwegians have landed in Copenhagen

The case is being updated.

According to the Danish Foreign Ministry TV2 Denmark That the plane had landed.

The plane, which took off from Islamabad, Pakistan on Tuesday night, landed at Copenhagen airport after being grounded in Tbilisi. Apart from the Norwegians on board, there was one person living in Denmark.

“Unfortunately, we can’t go into any details for the safety of those involved,” said Rockhill H., a spokesman for the State Department. Siemenstad told TV2.

The Danish evacuation plane landed Wednesday morning.

The Danish evacuation plane landed Wednesday morning. Photo: pressse-fotos.dk

Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan, was forced to evacuate many of its embassy staff after the Taliban captured Afghanistan on Sunday.

The Norwegian army was expelled

According to the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the lease for the aircraft was due to expire in Islamabad at 21 Norwegian time, although there were only 15 passengers on board.

The Danish Foreign Ministry writes that it is constantly demanding expulsion action, which makes it difficult to expel more people at once.

Derje Waterdall, Director of the Land Office in Afghanistan, had to do snWhen he tried to leave Afghanistan on Tuesday night.

While most other countries are expelling their citizens from Afghanistan, Norway strengthened staff at the Norwegian-led field hospital on Tuesday night.

According to Defense Minister Frank Bakke-Jensen (H), nine original staff members of a Norwegian field hospital have recently left Afghanistan.

The Norwegian field hospital in the military area of ​​the airport in Kabul was strengthened on Tuesday night with 15 additional personnel to handle security and communications-related tasks, the defense minister told NTB.

Flight: Here is the airport in Islamabad before the flight departs.

Flight: Here is the airport in Islamabad before the flight departs. Photo: Amir Qureshi / AFP

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