October 23, 2021

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The Netherlands was similar to Norway, so it was wrong – NRK Urix – foreign news and documentaries

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“We are outraged and apologize,” Dutch Prime Minister Marc Rutte told a news conference on Monday night.

The country has now reintroduced a number of restrictions that were lifted at the end of June. The reason is the steep contagion curve in Europe.

– We misjudged this. What we thought we could allow turned out to be something we should not allow, Rutte added.

An increase in the number of persons registered with Covid-19 did not lead to an increase in the number of admissions accordingly. Fear that it will not last.

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte closed his eyes in June.

Loss: Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte has acknowledged that it would be wrong to reopen the country in June. Now it is tightened again.

Photo: Pool / Reuters

– Pressure on the health service is likely to increase, Dutch health officials write in a letter to the country’s national legislature.

It was like Norway

At the beginning of June / July, Norway and the Netherlands had the same epidemic pressure, with about 3.3 reported cases per day per million cases. Norway is still in this position, while the Netherlands is now ten times larger.

Camila Stoltenberg, director of the Norwegian Institute of Public Health, points out that the Netherlands opened more at an earlier stage than Norway.

As for the risk associated with this increase in infection, she has the same view of the Dutch authorities.

– Stoltenberg NRK reports that hospitalizations are likely to increase as more people are affected than we now see in the Netherlands.

NIPH Director Camila Stoltenberg

May be: Camila Stoltenberg, director of the National Institutes of Public Health, warns that it would be appropriate to reintroduce some rules to control explosions in Norway.

Photo: Amali Hendon / NRK

It can happen here

Espen Nuxstad, assistant director of health, believes that what is happening in the Netherlands may be a warning to us in Norway.

– The probability of a major fourth wave infection is lower in Norway than in other countries, but it still exists because we have a lot in common with each other, says Nuxstad.

This is also the view of Camila Stoltenberg.

– Stoltenberg says the situation in the Netherlands is a strong reminder that it is important to be more vigilant on a daily basis in Norway and other countries and to keep abreast of developments.

Assistant Director of Health Espen Nuxstad

Last year: Espen Naxstad, assistant director of health, believes that what is happening in Europe now is similar to what happened last summer. At first there was little infection, and then it began to appear among the young before it spread to other ages throughout the autumn.

Photo: Ole Berg-Resting / NDP

Not everyone in Norway has security

Nuxstad also points out that Norway is better equipped than most European countries at the high rate of vaccine acceptance. In many European countries, the vaccine has recently been more or less discontinued.

Already, the vast majority of the elderly and most vulnerable in Norway are protected from serious illness.

Nevertheless, a relatively large proportion of the population has not yet been fully vaccinated. This will take several months. After that, there will be an unpredictable proportion in the country, perhaps as high as 10 percent among adults and under 18, says Naxstad.

He believes it opens a door for Norway to contract more infections and become seriously ill in the fall, but to a lesser extent than other countries with vaccine levels.

Vaccination center in Perum

High support: There are many Norwegians who accept the vaccine, which brings an advantage to Norway, officials say.

Photo: Ole Berg-Ruston / NDP

– Vaccination works better. Now it is important for people to be vaccinated regularly. FHI Director Stoltenberg says we have better control over the number of people who have been vaccinated, even as infections increase.

– Especially nightclubs

This increase is taking place in the Netherlands among young people aged 18-25. Health officials in the country say there has been no clear increase among other age groups.

– The increase is faster than we thought was going to happen. Cases of infection are primarily related to the nightclubs and catering industry, health officials write in a letter to the National Assembly.

On Friday, the Dutch government again closed discos and nightclubs. This happened almost two weeks after all restrictions were lifted.

The vaccination rate is significant in the younger part of the Dutch population. Nearly 40 percent of young people between the ages of 20 and 24 Has received the first dose.

Infectious curve for Norway and the Netherlands

Suddenly it went: infection in Norway and the Netherlands. In early July, the situation was similar in both countries. Not so now.

Photo: Financial Times

And in Spain

Spain is another European country with a steeply rising epidemic curve. The rise of the Spaniards began in the last week of June, from a higher level than the Netherlands. Now the two countries are almost equal.

These are the two eastern regions of Catalonia and Valencia, which are particularly prone to infection rates in Spain. Health officials say most of the infections come from tourists.

The two have now reintroduced a number of restrictions that were relaxed in June.

“In Spain, we are soon beginning to become experts in deregulation,” Rafael Bengoa of the Bilbao Health and Strategy Institute told Reuters.

He believes the vaccination rate in the country is not high enough to justify such a large relief. In Spain, there are more vaccines than in Norway.

Spain extends vaccination to control insurgency among people under 30 years of age

Young people are the priority: The increase in epidemics in Spain occurs mostly among young people. Vaccination for the young is now being intensified.

Photo: Javier Barbancho / Reuters

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