January 17, 2022

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The German TV reporter lost his job by covering himself with mud

She did not like such clean clothes. So she sprayed mud on herself. Now she has been fired.

Reporter Susanna Olan was in flood-affected areas of Germany and she had to regret when she made a mistake.

It was during one aspect of the catastrophic flood in the German city of Badmஸ்டnsterifel that reporter Susanna Olan realized that her clothes were too clean.

She was out in the field covering the flooded areas Good morning Germany In TV Channels RDL

Before moving in front of the camera, she bends down and puts mud on her clothes and face. It writes the newspaper The Independent.

What she doesn’t see is someone in a window behind her filming it all:

Suspension, then firing

The reporter himself has apologized for what he did. “A big mistake,” she calls it one Report.

He also writes that he is ashamed to wear clean clothes.

«As a private person I had already assisted in the area a few days ago, and that morning I was embarrassed to consider other assistants standing in front of a camera wearing a clean top.

She admits she didn’t think about it until she smeared mud on her clothes. She also apologizes and says that as a journalist she should never have done it.

He posted the report on both Facebook and Instagram.

After this incident, he was first suspended and removed from the screen.

According to The Independent, RDL spokesman “Reporter
The attitude is contrary to journalistic policies and our own standards. So after hearing about it on Monday we suspended her.

Olan has worked for the channel since 2008.

On Thursday, the channel released a statement in which it became clear that Susanna Olan was no longer working for RTL. It writes The Independent.

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