October 23, 2021

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The first Swedish Prime Minister to be included in the no-confidence motion was Stephen Lofven – NRK Urix – Foreign News and Documentaries

* To overthrow the government, at least 175 votes are needed in the rickshaw. The four parties behind the no-confidence motion hold 181 of the 349 seats in the National Assembly.

* There is controversy regarding the regulation of the rental housing market. A scheme implemented by the government in support of fixing rent free of cost in newly constructed houses. The market is currently regulated, and rent is determined based on the value of the home’s use, not market value.

* The Left Party issued a final warning to the government to abandon the project or negotiate improvements. When this was not accomplished, the party expressed distrust.

* On Sunday, Lofven put forward a compromise proposal, which means that parties in the housing market will negotiate a solution that the government will support until September 1st. The Left Party foolishly rejected the plan.

* For the past two years, Lofwen has led a minority government that includes Social Democrats – where he is the leader, and the Green Party.

* The so-called January agreement promised to join the current government with the opposition center party and the Liberals. One of the 73 points in the agreement is the study of the liberalization of the rental regulation and the publication of rental prices.

* The January agreement is to ensure that the Left Party is not allowed to influence the political direction. At the same time, it demanded that the party not vote against the inauguration of the government. The Left Party initially opposed this, but avoided blocking it from being used against promises that agreements and reforms would not change from the period of cooperation.

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* The Left Party has already announced in 2019 that it will submit no-confidence motions if certain plans are implemented in the January agreement.

(Source: NDP)