January 17, 2022

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The first Norwegian flight to depart from Afghanistan – Viji

Kabul: Airport in the capital of Afghanistan.

The first Norwegian flight with expelled Norwegian citizens departed from Kabul airport in Afghanistan on Thursday night.


– I am glad that our first flight has now departed from Kabul. Foreign Minister Ine Eriksen Seride (H) told the NDP on Thursday night that the ship was carrying Norwegian citizens, some family members from Afghanistan working in our country and some other European citizens.

The plane is scheduled to land in Tbilisi, Georgia before arriving in Norway. It is scheduled to land in Norway on Friday morning, according to the Armed Forces Operations Headquarters N.R.K..

We continue the intense work of evicting Afghans and their families, Norwegian citizens and people living in Norway who are working locally. The work is demanding, and it may take time, says Erickson Soride.

It is unknown how many people are on the plane.

Confirmations: Foreign Minister Ine Erickson Soride (H).

More people are being evicted

On Wednesday, the Foreign Ministry said several foreigners at the Norwegian embassy in Kabul had been evicted from their Norwegian home. The same is true for nine people from the Armed Forces cleanup.

– I met them. They are tired, but in good mood and in good health. They will now have follow-up and rest, Erickson Soride said.

– They had a long journey and dramatic experiences, she says.

These people were driven home by the Danish armed forces. The plane, now flying from Kabul, was the first Norwegian plane to evacuate Norwegians from Afghanistan under chaotic conditions.

Ask people to register

Norwegian authorities do not have confirmed figures on how many Norwegian citizens there are in Afghanistan.

Therefore, the Foreign Minister encourages all Norwegian citizens in Afghanistan to register reiseregistrering.no.

– Registration is voluntary, but it is an important tool for us, it gives an overview of how many Norwegian citizens there are in Afghanistan.

The Minister also reminded that regular diplomatic assistance could not be provided until the Norwegian Embassy in Kabul was closed. Inquiries to the embassy will be automatically sent to the Foreign Ministry’s operations center in Oslo, which now operates 24 hours a day and responds to telephone and emails.