December 4, 2021

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The father asks the guard to bring him to an end

In recent years it has revolved around Britney Spears (39) Stunning details About a 13-year-old guard under his father Jamie Spears (68).

In recent years, he has actively fought to remove his father as a defender. In August, it became known that his father had agreed to find a new bodyguard for the pop star, and now he is officially asking the guard to end it.

Several media nights, including this one, report Norwegian time on Wednesday Sky News.

Petition in the Supreme Court

Jamie Spears is said to have recently filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles court. According to Sky News, the documents state that “the daughter has the right to the court seriously consider whether this guardian is still needed.”

Mr. As Spears has repeatedly said, he only wants the best for his daughter, which is mentioned in the document.

So, according to the document, the 39-year-old believes he should be allowed to finish his guard if he wants to.

The pop star has been under guard since 2008. Long ago, Spears’ mother, Lynn Spears was tough on her ex-husband, And remove him as the daughter’s guardian.

Jamie Spears was unable to put his daughter’s interests above her will on a personal and professional level. This guard is not in the best interest of my daughter, the mother said in a statement of support regarding the investigation.

– Depression

Many fans have been chanting warnings on behalf of Spears for years, launching the #FreeBritney movement, which is demanding that the superstar be released from custody. The 39-year-old took the case to court last year alone, and the public heard her for the first time in June The experience of the most controversial defender.

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– I was shocked, depressed and crying every day, she said at the time.

During her interpretation, she lived a very restricted life where she was neither financially independent nor had control over her own assets and personal decisions. Spears pointed out that he could not change clothes without anyone in the room with him.

She was forced to go for treatment several times a week, as well as taking medications she did not want to use.