December 4, 2021

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The boy (7) swam for an hour for help

Seven-year-old Chase Bowst was hailed by rescue crews and others after swimming for more than an hour to help his father and sister.

The family was on a boat trip on the St. John’s River in Jacksonville, Florida when the accident happened. The children swam in the river, while their father Steven Bowst caught fish, the TV channel writes WKXT.

Little sister Abigail was wearing a life jacket and was holding the broth while she was taking a shower when suddenly the current became so strong that she slipped on the roof. Chase swam to get Abigail, but failed. Father Steven jumped into the water to catch the children who were jumping into the river.

The father tells the channel that he could not catch the two children and that Chase swam to shore because he was a swimmer.

– I was so scared, says Chase to the channel.

– I love them

That too was the father.

– I said I love them because I don’t know what’s going to happen. I tried to catch the roof in both, but it got too heavy. She starts to walk away, her father says.

– The current went in the opposite direction to the boat and the shore, so it was very difficult to swim that way.

After driving a mile and a half from the river, another boat heard the screams of his father and he and his daughter came to the rescue.

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– Lilleman also came ashore and offered help, which is what saved our lives, says the father.

– All resources

At a news conference, Eric Proswimmer of the fire department said CBS47 They found the boat anchored in the middle of the river with no one there, so they began to search for the family.

– We had all the resources we had on the way to that place quickly, and we are glad all three were saved, and all three are well, ”Boswimmer told a news conference.

– We could not have asked for a better result, he says.