June 20, 2021

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The boxer is accused of brutally murdering his pregnant mistress

– This is a case that deserves the death penalty, said box judge Felix Verdejo, 27, when he was arrested Monday without a chance to be released on bail by federal judge Camille Welles.

Puerto Rico professional boxer accused of kidnapping and killing his pregnant mistress Kishla Rodriguez Andhra.

The FBI has charged Vertejo with punching Rodriguez in the face and then injecting him with a syringe filled with an unidentified substance. He then tied her arms and legs with a trunk and allegedly tied her tightly to a heavy block before throwing her off a bridge. Also, he is said to have been shot in his body.

The murder is said to have taken place on Thursday. According to the indictment, an unidentified witness helped Verdejo kidnap and kill his mistress.

Kishla Rodriguez has flowers and greetings on the bridge that was thrown down. Photo: Ricardo ARDUENGO / AFP)

Rodriguez was reported missing on Thursday when he failed to show up for work. On Saturday, he was found in a pond near San Juan.

According to the victim’s family, she was pregnant with Vertejo’s baby. Her mother, Kayla Ortiz, said her daughter called her on Thursday and said Vertejo would go to her home to see the results of the pregnancy test.

– I told her “be careful” because he had already threatened her, says Artis. According to the mother, Vertejo asked the daughter not to have the baby because of her career and her family.

Bottomless Morning: Kayla Ortiz is frustrated after her daughter is murdered and seeks justice.  Photo: AP Photo / Carlos Questi

Bottomless Morning: Kayla Ortiz is frustrated after her daughter is murdered and seeks justice. Photo: AP Photo / Carlos Questi

Verdejo is married and has a young daughter, but is said to have known Rodriguez since middle school and had a relationship with him.

The boxer represented Puerto Rico during the 2012 London Olympics, where he advanced to the quarterfinals. That same year he began his career where he stands with 27 wins, 17 of which were after knockouts, two defeats. Now there are many signs that his life is over.

The assassination of Rodriguez has saddened many in Puerto Rico. Recently, a woman was burned to death after a report of domestic violence was dropped by a judge. A Supreme Court judge has announced an inquiry into the decision.

On Sunday, hundreds of people showed up at the bridge over the lake where Rodriguez was found, demanding justice for him and the other women who were killed.

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