January 22, 2022

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Taliban’s checklist ‘: Fear of mass execution

– The word “blacklist” did not come from us. But I say this: I have no doubt for a second that the Taliban have a “blacklist”. We are talking about a systematic search for the most recognized people at the highest level in the Taliban ranks.

Christian Nelleman tells Duclat. He is the leader of Norway Ripto CenterThis is in the context of a very popular report that the Taliban are targeting selected Afghan individuals and their family members and operating from house to house. This report is shared with the UN.

– The Taliban is classified as a terrorist organization. But a country cannot be controlled by a terrorist group. They were originally a religious guerrilla organization.

Following the family

Thackeray read out parts of the report, including a letter allegedly addressed to Afghan security officials. According to the letter, he has worked closely with British and American forces.

The letter was reportedly issued by the Taliban’s Military Intelligence Commission.

Own translation of the letter, written in Pashto:

The letter continues:

– If you do not report to the Commission, your family members will be arrested instead. This is your responsibility. You and your family members will be treated according to Shariello.

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– Can be implemented

The Taliban punish people according to their own understanding of Sharia law, according to Nelleman.

– We do not know what they will be accused of. There are many possibilities. This means arrest and trial, in some cases torture, and in other cases they may be hanged.

According to the report, the Taliban conducted a comprehensive survey of interested individuals before seizing power. The report says there are priority lists of people to be arrested – including members of the security services, special forces, police and army.

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The report states that they have received reports that journalists and their families have been exposed and that executions have taken place in recent months. German newspaper German wave A family member of one of their journalists was reportedly shot dead by the Taliban.

– These are not just rumors. We know of many liquidations in recent months and before. Nelleman says that before the capture of Kabul, individuals who were at the center of economic intelligence were killed.

– Revenge

According to the Ripto Center, the Taliban were looking for people with hidden identities and secret addresses.

– I am afraid we will persecute many of these people. Of course, Nelleman says some Taliban fighters will retaliate.

The availability of names and addresses shows that the Taliban have a sophisticated information network. The hunt for “targets” is said to have begun in the early hours of the morning after the fall of the capital on August 15.

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– A few hours after they entered Kabul, they went straight to the settlements of these people. They approached their cell phones so they knew where their families were. They know when they stayed in Europe, Britain and the United States and where they trained.

Nelleman said as soon as the Taliban entered Kabul, they searched mosques, imams and others with network information. In the future, he says, the Taliban will call for a comprehensive report on the population.

– We see a rapid and clear increase in their information network.

– Good press conference

The only information the Taliban provided through its own press conferences was that this should change, Nellman insists.

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– It is not possible to return now. They pledged to respect women and human rights within the framework of Sharia law and the Afghan tradition, and promised to grant amnesty. But if they really wanted to grant amnesty, they would have given one FatwaReligious proclamation of general amnesty. They didn’t do it, he says.

Afghanistan: Taliban spokesman Jabiullah Mujahid met with reporters for the first time since the Taliban captured Afghanistan. Host: Magnus Boss / Video: AP / Dagbladet TV
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The Taliban’s intelligence network is no better than before.

– They have a better propaganda tool than we have seen before. There is a difference between a good press conference in Kabul and showing someone beheading or sitting with Kalashnikov in a cave in the mountains.

– More professional

He describes the new Taliban as a “well-established organization” rather than the one that ruled Afghanistan from 1996 to 2001.

– They are not kind, but more professional than we saw 20 years ago. We expect the Taliban to be much better organized and more state-conscious.

Reported Friday Aftonboston Security has received unconfirmed reports that leaders in the Afghan security forces are being sought and executed. Nelleman confirms that the Ripto Center is receiving similar messages.

Exemption: U.S. Navy at Kabul International Airport on Friday, August 20.  Photo: Lance CBL.  Nicolas Guevara / American Marine Corps via AP / NTB
Tense: U.S. Navy at Kabul International Airport, Friday, August 20. Photo: Lance CBL. Nicolas Guevara / American Marine Corps via AP / NTB
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However, he emphasizes that there is uncertainty with all the information coming from Afghanistan.

– We work with some of the largest networks around the world. We have regular communication with both the UN and Interpol, and we work with excavation journalists and NGOs. We are trying to relate as much as possible to the first sources in Afghanistan.

He emphasizes that the Ripto Center is not an intelligence service.

– We provide the best information we can. Sometimes the blind hen will also find the grain.

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Fear of mass execution

Nelleman expects more liquidations in the future – but more brutal investigations.

Very bad situation Is mass execution. But in order to gain access to even larger networks, it is important that they conduct more investigations. Even if it is possible, killing as many people as possible is not a goal within themselves.

Among other things, the Taliban are said to have gained access to information through the mobile phones of the individuals they hunted.

– Even if you can not hack a phone, it is not difficult for someone to unlock their phone if you strongly encourage them.

– Daily murders

Nelleman believes that the reduction of attacks on Western forces in Afghanistan has created the impression that the general situation in the country has improved in recent years.

He points out that in practice the Taliban have long controlled large areas of the districts.

They kill 10 to 30 Afghan security forces every day. Daily – In recent years. Individuals in areas affiliated with the police or the Afghan army have been killed and dispersed. Everyone in these groups is at high risk, he says.

In early August, US and British embassies accused the Taliban of “massacring tens of thousands of civilians” in Spin Bolt, near the Pakistan border. Al Jazeera. The Taliban has denied the allegations.

Nelleman says the Taliban have made a tactical assessment of the Western powers leaving the country.

– Then the system will crash. They are right, that’s what happened. Therefore, they will probably continue to facilitate Westerners to leave the country.