January 17, 2022

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Syndrome: – Mysterious attacks: Blood can give answers

The first reports of the mysterious disease reached the public in 2016.

U.S. in Havana, Cuba. U.S. Embassy Ill over time with the same symptoms, But could not determine the cause of the disease.

The mysterious course of the disease became known as the “Havana” Syndrome, which later affected US officials in Cuba. Then in China And And later in the United States.

Then went Interesting alarms in Washington DC.

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It is a disease

Some of the mysterious sufferers have been diagnosed with brain injury. Others suffer from deafness, dizziness, sleep problems and headaches.

An explanation of high frequency sonic attack. The sound of cricketing at each other, And no theory kills another.

In the past, these incidents have been described as mere attacks, with unnamed sources pointing to foreign powers as a possible explanation, but it is not known whether the “Havana” syndrome was actually caused by attacks.

The American National Academy of Sciences has introduced microwave radiation as a potential factor, But this theory has again been systematically criticized by other experts.

Again, the US government – as far as we know – has some clear answers, but many questions.

New special blood test

Some tricks up the sleeve, US officials still have to keep, CNN.

A new and specialized blood test has now been introduced and is believed to play a key role in diagnosing the mysterious disease.

A blood test cannot diagnose “Havana” syndrome on its own, but it can point to certain markers that indicate a person is suffering from a mysterious disease.

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Blood samples are said to have been used in connection with recent cases of the disease on American soil. However, these cases became known earlier this year It should have happened in Virginia in 2019 and in Washington DC last year.

At the same time, other parts of the US government are working to develop a type of sensor that, in theory, can detect what is causing the mysterious disease.

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Three known cases

A total of three cases of “Havana” syndrome have been reported on American soil.

The first case occurred in 2019. A White House employee fell ill while walking his dog on the outskirts of Virginia.

The second case took place in November last year on a large lawn south of the White House. A member of the National Security Council is said to have suddenly fallen ill.

CNN was able to report on the third case yesterday, a few weeks after the second known case:

According to CNN, an employee of the White House was seriously ill at one of the entrances to the building and needed immediate medical attention.

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– Very simple

If the damage is actually caused by high-frequency sound, then no technical genius is needed behind it, said Professor Emeritus Jens Martin Howell, a sound and acoustical expert at NDNU. To Duckbladet in early May.

– It’s really that simple: said one speaker, Howem.

Then the answer became a little more technical.

– Creating sound is the setting of objects in motion. In air you set air molecules in motion, in water you set water molecules in motion, the difference is called sound resistance. If you imagine a speaker: if you touch it, you will feel it vibrate because a speaker in the air is characterized by large bursts of small forces. There will be small manifestations of great forces in the water, and you will not be able to stop it by human power. Say it another way: Howem said sound is a low current in air, while sound is a high voltage in water.

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The speaker used does not have to be large.

– Sound can come from a speaker that is several square meters larger and operates at a much higher frequency. The professor said it was a design issue, and not a hoax focus.