January 17, 2022

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Study: Better protection than vaccine –

On Wednesday, one was released Israeli study People infected with the corona virus are better protected against the delta type than those vaccinated against Govt-19. This review is called Preprint, and it has not been reviewed yet.

– This study is a bombshell, writes Franுவாois Baloux Twitter. He is Professor and Director of University College London.

Balox says the study represents a wide range and is the largest to date. He considers the analyzes to be good and the trends of the findings are correct in all probabilities.

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In the study, Israeli researchers compared Pfizer’s corona vaccine with immunosuppressive immunity, which provides longer and stronger protection against infection, symptomatic disease and natural immunity from the delta variant.

Both became infected and people who received a single dose of Pfizer’s corona vaccine received enhanced protection against the delta type.

The findings are consistent with the experience of other types of infections. Modified disease provides very good immunity, but vaccination is still sufficient to prevent severe cases of the disease. The difference in outcome is not so important, it’s important how many people suffer from a serious illness, says Assistant Health Director Espen Rostrup Naxstad Duckblatt.

– At the same time, research shows that there is a good reason to get vaccinated even if you have been infected before, and if you become infected after vaccination, your immunity will also increase.

Assistant Director of Health: Espen Rostrup Naxstad.  Photo: Gorm Kallestad / NTB
Assistant Director of Health: Espen Rostrup Nuxstad. Photo: Gorm Kallestad / NTB
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Researchers have found that there is a significantly higher risk of progression to what is called an infection, i.e. people who are vaccinated become infected even though you are protected, compared to those who are infected.

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The risk of hospitalization was somewhat higher in those who were vaccinated than in those who were infected.

– Should people be affected as a result of these findings?

– If there is a better solution to the infection than vaccination, there is no point in giving the vaccine. The whole point of vaccination is to avoid disease, not serious disease. Nuxstad says it continues to apply to all ages on which the vaccine is given:

– For those who are fully vaccinated, there is no point in being emotionally affected because you can contribute to increasing the spread of infection and run the risk of health problems in the form of long-term consequences.

Infection registration: Assistant Director of Health Espen Rostrup has appealed to those who have not been vaccinated by Nuxstad. Host: Jostin Sleton / Doppleted TV
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The researchers compared three groups: those over 16 years of age who had been vaccinated, those who had not previously been vaccinated against Govt-19, those who had been infected with Govt-19, and those who received a single dose of Pfizer’s corona vaccine.

The first group had 673,676 participants, the second group had 62,883 participants and the third group had 42,099 participants.

Nuxstad thinks the study is solid.

– This pre-print appears to be statistically accurate, but booking is always important because the quality guarantee in peer review has not been implemented.