October 23, 2021

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Stephen Lofven, Sweden | Stephen Lofven:

The Prime Minister of Sweden is coming up with a compromise plan to save the government.

You can follow the press conference directly from 11.00:

The controversy that could overthrow the Swedish government has been a contentious issue regarding the release of rental prices on newly built homes, so Lஃப்fven hastily convened a press conference on Sunday.

– Sweden is in a bad situation. We are in a health crisis with epidemics, but we are also in an economic crisis. Infection continues to affect all of us. So our country does not need to be in a political crisis. The government has sent a compromise proposal regarding rental prices, so the parties have been invited to the conversation, Lofven said in the introduction.

– Parties in the housing market can negotiate until September 1st. Therefore, the parties in the housing market get a chance to find a solution together. We agree that we need to find solutions that will not send Sweden to the political crisis, he continued.

If the parties agree, the government will agree.

It was the government’s task of proposing rental prices that led to the withdrawal of support for the Left Party government. In principle, Rickstock has a majority for the no-confidence motion to be voted on Monday.

– Political reforms

Central Party leader Annie Lof expressed concern that solutions must be found.

– A fraudulent alliance has merged. They have acted irresponsibly even during an epidemic with a choice only a year earlier. We need politicians who come up with responsible solutions, Lough said.

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– We have brought important political reforms. We need to do more for the rental market, so we need reforms to improve the Swedish housing market, he continued.

Lough stressed that the proposed plan would not ensure that rental prices were higher for tenants.

Compromise plan

According to the SVD, the Swedish government and pro-government parties have reached a compromise on rent. After that Broadcaster Experiences, this proposal will be presented at a press conference at 11 a.m. with Prime Minister Stephen Lofven and Central Party leader Annie Lof.

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It is said that the parties in the housing market will be allowed to negotiate in order to reach a solution to the disputed issue in fixing the rental price.


The risks of being rejected by the Swedish government’s no-confidence motion on Monday. The government has expressed hope that the crisis will be averted and is engaged in serious political talks this weekend. Bourgeois moderates and Christian democrats, including the Left Party and the Swedish Democrats, have declared a majority vote in the rickshaw.

If the government joins on Monday, Sweden will have an interim government. At the government meeting on Sunday, the broadcaster said decisions would be taken on a number of issues that could not be determined by an interim government.

– Stephen Lofven would take another miracle to do this, says SVD’s domestic political commentator Mats Nutson.

Regulation of the rental housing market

The controversy that might have caught up with Lofven is the regulation of the rental housing market. The government’s proposal is in favor of setting the rent free. The market is currently regulated, and rent is determined based on the value of the home’s use, not market value.

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If the audit motion against Lofven is passed, he can be asked to resign immediately or announce new elections within a week. Any new election must be held within three months. Next year’s parliamentary elections will be held as planned in any case.

– This is a very serious situation. Finance Minister Magdalena Anderson says we are in the midst of an epidemic and a severe economic crisis after World War II.

– The last thing Sweden needs is a political crisis. Now everyone in the various responsible and leading positions should take a step back and think about “how our country can function in the best way now”, he continues.


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