October 23, 2021

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– Sounds like a disaster – VG

The storm, which devastated Germany’s worst west, has now spread to the southeastern part of the country and further into Austria.


The death toll from floods in Central Europe has risen. On Sunday, 156 people were killed in Germany and a total of 183 in Europe, the news agency AFP reported.

Hundreds are still missing and authorities fear the death toll could rise.

The western part of Germany is the worst affected, especially the two states of the Rhineland-Palatinate and the northern Rhine-Westphalia. Police say 110 people have been killed in the Rhineland-Palatinate alone.

Disasters: The city of Schultz in the Rhineland-Palatinate state is devastated. Photo: Sasa Steinbach / EPA

Neighboring countries such as the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France and Switzerland in the west have also caused major damage to homes, vehicles and infrastructure. A total of 27 people have been reported dead in Belgium.

Floods are now spreading to neighboring eastern Austria.

Tensions in Austria

Extreme levels of flood danger were announced in the Salzburg and Tyrol areas of Austria today. Emergency services are working hard, and videos from the area show cars being washed away by water people.

He writes that parts of the center of the historic city of Hall have been submerged since the Gothbag River flooded. Standard.

Dozens of residents have had to leave.

Salzburg and Tyrol areas flooded in Austria:

Police say the streams have turned into powerful currents. They call the situation very tense and sometimes dramatic.

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Mayor Alexander Stankasinger says Salzburg News There are those who are in danger of being rescued by helicopter.

– The situation looks like a disaster, he says.

According to Focus, a spokesman for Hall Hall said they estimate the loss was in the millions. Buildings and infrastructure were badly damaged, but no people were seen or injured Sunday morning.

People are being asked to be careful not to go to their foundations for long periods of time. No injuries have been reported in the area so far.

The situation in other parts of the Austrian Alps is tense. Around Kidspool in Tyrol, firefighters drained water from several foundations.

In Vienna, emergency services have shifted to more than 900 missions, he writes Standard.

– Can be very bad

In addition, heavy rainfall is expected in many parts of Europe over the next 24 hours.

– It will rain heavily in Austria today, and it will get worse there. It can reach 50-100 millimeters to date. Slovenia, Bosnia / Herzegovina and Croatia are likely to receive more rain than Austria. Duty meteorologist at Olav Croxter’s Storm Geo says it will get worse day and night TV2.

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In the southern Tyrol of northern Italy, meteorologists have recorded record levels in the last 24 hours.

The NDP said that in the Northern Province it rained nearly 50 liters per square meter from Saturday morning to Sunday evening.

In Sicily, emergency services continue to evacuate, but so far no major damage has been reported.

South Germany: – Emergency calls come in all the time

He writes that the flood has now spread to the Bavarian region of southern Germany Pay attention. A state of emergency has been declared in the southern Bavarian province of Berchteskadener land due to heavy rains and flooding.

A spokesman for the news agency AFP said one person had been killed in the area.

The fire service has been working hard until Sunday night, and describes the police situation dramatically, Focus writes.

A number of landslides have been triggered and the capacity of firefighters in the area has exploded, a spokesman for the operations center in Transstein said Saturday night.

The cities of Berchteskaden and Bischoffsweiss, located southeast of Bavaria near the Austrian border, have been particularly hard hit. Water comes from the mountains and the flooded Aceh River.

This is what appeared on Saturday in the cities of Berchteskaten and Bischoffsweiss:

Some homes have already been evacuated and residents have been asked to stay away from the streets.

– Emergency calls come in all the time. The situation is chaotic and heavy rains are expected, according to a police spokesman in Rosenheim, 100 kilometers west of the two cities.

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Violent flooding is expected in the east

The NDP writes that local emergency officials in the eastern German state of Saxony were unable to reach several cities on Saturday night, and that water levels in several rivers were “too high” and “violent flooding” was expected.

The state measured more than 100 liters of rainfall per square meter on Saturday, which also caused flooding here.

The floods affected Chucci Sway, a popular tourist and scenic area that is a national park near the city of Dresden.