October 23, 2021

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Solberg-VG delegation from NATO summit with new Russia agreement to avoid military conflict

Football Pub Ownership: Norway’s delegation to the NATO summit – Erna Solberg, Frank Bakke-Jensen and Ene Eriksen Seride – arrived at the hotel in Brussels on Sunday night to witness the conclusion of the European Championship match between the Netherlands and Ukraine. Photo: Derje Brinkadel

Brussels (VG) Prime Minister Erna Solberg (H) is coming up with a completely new agreement between Russia and Norway for the NATO summit in Brussels on Monday. Both countries agree to further reduce the risk of misunderstandings and conflicts in the North.


– We need to look for areas that can make the world better. Erna Solberg tells the VG in Brussels that if we can’t accept big collaborations, we should address the smaller ones.

On Monday, he will meet with US President Joe Biden and 28 state and government leaders at a half-day summit in the military alliance.

At the meeting, Russia will be a topic. According to NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg Relations between Russia and NATO are now at an all-time low After the Cold War.

Agreement with Russia: Erna Solberg, in the garden of Norway’s NATO ambassador in Brussels, argues that small-scale cooperation with Russia is necessary even when there is no agreement on major issues. Photo: Derje Brinkadel

Block the laser

The recently agreed agreement between Norway and Russia is a renewal of the agreement on maritime and air security since 1990. It comes into effect after a long period of increased military activity in the high north.

According to Defense Minister Frank Buckeye-Jensen (H), it regulates the conduct of both countries’ warships and aircraft in international waters and airspace. New in the contract, which also applies to drones and ships.

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It also has its own restrictions on the use of lasers to damage personnel or equipment.

Ahead of the Biden-Putin summit

After the summit, Biden will travel to Geneva, where he will meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Biden acknowledged that the United States and NATO should have both dialogue and restraint on Russia.

Erna Solberg believes that the new agreement between Norway and Russia is an example of the possibility of reaching agreements with Russia.

– You are stronger in your critique of the countries you are cooperating in, rather than constantly distancing yourself from everything.

– This is an example of how we have good cooperation at the regional level in the North to find solutions. Prime Minister VG Singh said that we do not want this to be an enhanced area with more conflict.

Before Sumi: Frank Buckeye-Jensen, Erna Solberg and Ene Eriksson Charite met with Norwegian journalists in Brussels on Sunday evening at the garden of Norway’s NATO Ambassador Einstein B. Photo: Derje Brinkadel


This agreement applies between Norway and Russia. But NATO and other Western countries such as the United States and Britain also travel north.

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– But we want to coordinate coalition activities in the North. We can show our partners how we handle our commitment, so this deal is a good tool for our partners. It is not difficult to prevent. Frank Buckeye-Jensen tells VG that it’s hard to promise.

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Foreign Minister Ene Eriksen Charade also attended the NATO summit. A few weeks ago He met with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in Reykjavik.

– This shows that we can have practical cooperation with Russia on security, while at the same time we stand with our allies and the European Union on control measures against Russia, says Ericsson Seride VG.

Military cooperation with Russia was suspended by NATO following the annexation of Crimea in 2014.

However, Norway maintains this agreement on maritime security. There are also agreements related to the cooperation and search and rescue of the Coast Guard. This also applies to the direct telephone connection between the Northern Fleet in Murmansk and the FOH, the operational headquarters of the Norwegian Armed Forces outside Bode.