January 22, 2022

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So there is no way out of the mess – Viji

Accused: President Joe Biden must answer why the Taliban seized power in Afghanistan after the Americans left.

Although the CIA had warned of the danger of a rapid collapse in Afghanistan, a military leader denied that the United States had the intelligence to point this out.


The Taliban’s rapid seizure of power in Afghanistan came as a surprise to most. In the United States, the big question is why this could not be predicted – even though intelligence sources say they were actually warned about it.

According to NBC News Current and former CIA staff say intelligence has warned that the Afghan government is in danger of collapsing quickly after the US and NATO begin to retreat.

According to one source, the CIA’s description of the “worst case scenario” was “very close to what actually happened.”

Did not take self-criticism

However, the head of the military command, Mark Millie, says the United States has no intelligence in describing such a decision.

On Thursday night, US President Joe Biden said in an interview ABC News Confusion is inevitable.

When asked by journalist George Stefanopoulos if he could handle the US withdrawal from Afghanistan better and without error, Biden replied “no”.

– When we look back at this, I don’t think it could have been handled in such a way as to get us out of there without confusion. I don’t see how this could have happened, Biden explains.

– They work together

Millie told a Pentagon press conference that the United States knew the Taliban could regain power quickly, but that it could take weeks, months or years, according to them.

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Millie says neither I nor anyone else has seen the Afghan army and their government collapse in eleven days.

President Biden admits that they do not know what the Taliban will do to prevent people from leaving the country.

– What are they currently doing? They cooperate, let the American citizens come out, let the American staff come out, let the embassy staff come out, and so on, but we still have a little bit of trouble getting those who helped us when we were there, Biden says.

NBC reports that military leaders are “angry” at Biden and his security team because they wanted to endanger the Afghans in May, but refused to do so.

– Easy choice

Biden asked Stefanopolos directly if he believed intelligence, planning, sentencing or execution had failed.

– Ask, this is the easiest choice. When you have the government in Afghanistan, the head of government who jumps on the plane and goes to another country, when he sees the massive fall of the Afghan forces we have trained, let 300,000 of them leave their equipment – that, you know, what happened. That’s what happened.

– So from the beginning, there was the question of whether we should promise to go out when we planned, extend it until September 1st or send significantly more players.

If I had said “we will stay” we would have been ready to send many more soldiers from hell, Biden states.