October 23, 2021

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Severe storm in Germany: 19 killed

Channels S.W.R. A total of six houses collapsed in the town of Schultz in the Eiffel District between Rhine and Belgium in the Rhineland-Palatinate state on Thursday morning, according to reports.

A further 25 houses are in danger of collapsing. Cobbless police say the situation is chaotic and they do not know how many people are missing. The broadcaster describes the SWR situation as “very dangerous”.

The death toll from the storm was reported by the news agency AP. Germany has reached 19 so far. Bildt writes that 70 people are missing. In Belgium, too, two people are said to have lost their lives, it writes General Broadcaster RBTF.

They confirm that four people have lost their lives in the storm at various places in Ahlwheeler district and that at least 50 people have been rescued from the roof.

According to the newspaper South newspaper Two of those killed in Germany were firefighters. One of them is said to have died in a rescue operation Wednesday night.

The southwestern part of Germany has been hit by heavy rains and floods, and a state of emergency has been declared in some parts of the Rhineland-Palatinate state, which German meteorologists have called Bernd.

Many died

Many have lost their lives, motorways have been closed, rhine traffic has been closed, people have been evacuated in many places, and there is massive material damage in Germany.

– The situation is very serious. We have many roads and villages flooded, district access Julia Kisekind said Wednesday from the town of Vulcanifel in the district.

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Northern Rhine-Westphalia was also badly affected, with the capital D டுsseldorf being evacuated Wednesday and the D டssell River pending its crossing.

A firefighter drowned in Altena in the Sovereign region of northern Rhine-Westphalia when a 53-year-old man in Saxony was swept away by water people the same afternoon. He is still missing.

A retirement home with 76 people in Hague was also evacuated after major flood damage, and parts of the city were inaccessible Wednesday night. A state of emergency was also declared in Hof, Bavaria.

Climate change

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The German Meteorological Agency said on Thursday morning that heavy rains were expected throughout the day in the southwestern part of the country and that scattered showers would continue on Friday.

German government spokesman Stephen Seibert said the situation in the worst-affected areas was “terrifying.”

– Although not every event, and every flood is associated with climate change, researchers say it happens more frequently and with greater severity as a result of climate change, he says.

The storm has also hit Belgium, where the cities of Spa, Gouvine, Trois-Ponds, Howflies and Deux have been transformed into water students. More than 1,700 people are being evacuated in Saud Fontaine, many regional roads closed due to floods News agency VRT News.

Blood: There was a lot of water on the streets of the Belgian city of Spa on Thursday morning.  Photo: Francis Wolverts / AFP / NDP
Flood: The streets of the Belgian city of Spa were flooded on Thursday morning. Photo: Francis Wolverts / AFP / NDP
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Extreme levels of rainfall and flood warnings have been issued for the southeastern Netherlands and Switzerland, where the Lucerne Sea is at risk of overflowing.