October 23, 2021

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Sells wife’s jewelry to make ambulance – VG

Stories from Beirut (VG) India are becoming increasingly obscure, but a man’s action spreads hope in the crisis-stricken country.


– Javed Khan (34) writes to VG that it is my duty to help all Indians.

He and his wife watched television broadcasts and watched more and more dark films: the dead queuing for hospital. Burnt cremation and molten cremation around the clock.

He saw how people could not get an ambulance and had to be taken to hospitals.

That’s when the idea came to them: he could turn his little taxi tuk-tuk, An ambulance.

– I decided to dedicate my taxi to my people by ambulance. Now I can contribute a little too, he said VG.

This is because as the health service in the country declines, so do the prices of ambulance services. Getting an ambulance to the hospital has become so expensive for many that they cannot afford it.

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To the hospital: As the ambulance capacity increases, other duk-duks also contribute, where coronary patient Shayam Narayan is taken to a hospital in Delhi, India. Photo: DANISH SIDDIQUI / Reuters

Big dark numbers

The 34-year-old lives in Bhopal in the middle of India and is experiencing the crisis affecting the country close to his body.

– I wanted to help save lives here, he told VG.

For the twelfth day in a row, more than 300,000 new corona cases have been reported in India. It is estimated that by tomorrow, the country will have passed the 20 million registered epidemics.

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But they are officially registered. Now the news agency Reuters reports that medical experts estimate the real numbers to be five to ten times higher than the official number.

As such, it means that 200 million Indians have or have contracted the virus. The country has a population of 1.3 billion.

Radius: Indian health workers rest outside Delhi hospital. Photo: IDREES MOHAMMED / EPA

Sold jewelry

Javed is said to have used the money he received for his wife’s jewelery to secure a taxi with an oxygen tank, disinfectant and plastic for himself and the patients he was carrying.

Every day he stands in line for several hours to fill the tank with much needed oxygen.

– I’m not scared of Corona. I am afraid of a God who will punish me if I do not do good deeds in life, he is VG.

Patients contact him after finding his number on social media, which has become a place where individuals try to help their loved ones. It also promotes the black market for oxygen and drugs.

Javed’s story was first reported in the Indian media The Times of India.

Ill: A patient gets oxygen when an infection breaks out in India. Photo: Sajjad Hussain / AFP

For more than two weeks, Javed has been doing this, and he has taken the worst ten patients to the hospital. One of his assistants was Sulekha Prabhawalkar.

– He came to us like an angel. I made a restless journey and tried to get an ambulance for my husband, but no one was available. We grabbed Javed and we went from hospital to hospital to find a bed. He shouldn’t even have a penny from us, he says The Times of India.

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– When my husband comes out of the hospital, we will find Jave and thank him.

Javed’s activities are appreciated among Indians on social media.

“Not all heroes wear robes,” one writes. Another said “We salute him!”

Javed says he is just happy to be able to make a difference to VG.

– I touched on being able to help someone this time, he says.