October 23, 2021

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Secret security documents found at the bus stop – VG

Sensitive information: A spokesman for the British Ministry of Defense told the BBC that an employee had reported the loss of confidential documents. These may have been found at a bus stop in Kent on Tuesday morning. Photo: Team Ireland / PA Wire

British Defense Ministry security standard documents were found in a “wet pile” behind a bus stop in Kent on Tuesday morning.


It suggests BBC.

The documents contain information about the British warship HMS Defender and the British Army.

In total, there will be nearly 50 pages, including emails and PowerPoint presentations.

Among other things, one of them presents plans for a British presence in Afghanistan after the withdrawal of NATO forces.

Most documents have a relatively low security rating. However, the above is marked as “Secret UK Eyes Only”, indicating that it contains very important information. This is addressed to Secretary of Defense Ben Wallace.

The documents include information about Russia’s reaction to the British warship HMS Defender crossing the Crimean Peninsula on Wednesday, and notes from a security dialogue between Britain and the United States last Monday.

The person who made the discovery contacted the BBC and realized what kind of documents he had found. For security reasons, the BBC has chosen to omit certain details about the content.

British officials say they have launched an internal investigation.

This has been confirmed by Britain’s Northern Ireland Minister Brandon Lewis Reuters.

A spokesman for the British Ministry of Defense told the BBC that an employee had lost important documents, but did not want to comment further.

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Labor politician John Healy describes the incident as embarrassing.

– He writes that the loss of confidential documents covering national security is as embarrassing as it is troubling for ministers In a statement.

He called for immediate clarification as to why particularly important information from the Ministry of Defense “was later left this way”.

The case is being updated.