January 17, 2022

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Scotland chooses Freedom Party – VG

Scotland elected independent parties

Prime Ministers: Nicola Sturgeon’s Nationalist Party SNP did not win a majority alone, but clearly became the largest party, gaining an absolute majority in the Scottish Parliament, along with the Greens. Photo: REUTERS

With the victory of Nicola Sturgeon in the Scottish Parliamentary elections, it is not questionable whether a new referendum will be held for or against independence. But when.


This is a comment. The commentary reveals the writer’s attitude

Prime Minister Boris Johnson dismisses the issue Empty. At the same time, he knows denial is a bad strategy.

According to British observers, Boris is considering taking the Walvind effect of Thursday’s Tory victory in populous England and calling new elections.

He may ask voters for new confidence in a plan that specifically presents Britain’s undivided presence.

If the number As opinion polls suggest, conservatives are rising in the lower house, and the Scottish Nationalist Party’s parliamentary group in Westminster, the SNP, is getting smaller so he can demand a new mandate than Sturgeon, thereby taking on the burden of his demand for a new referendum.

Something, Boris Johnson has to do. Or Cracks the British Union In his custody.

The results of Thursday’s by-elections and the by-elections after a new blue hole in the left, known as the “Red Wall” in the northeast of England, show a divided kingdom.

Boris Johnson Brexit strengthens its position in the countries, but weakens accordingly on the outside.

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New study: The union is collapsing

A crush Despite a symbolic victory over Labor in Hartlbull, Labor’s old stronghold, the election has sharpened contradictions that threaten Britain’s internal unity. As Dramatic study As recently shown at the University of Cambridge, the union is causing cracks in the seams.

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With this election result, the swollen situation in Scotland has gone from bad to worse, as seen from Downing Street.

However, the Nationalist Party SNP alone did not achieve a majority Is getting too big In the Scottish Parliament, which has twice as many seats as the Conservatives. Together with the Greens, the independence movement has full control of Hollot, Scotland’s National Assembly.

Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeons Thus power is considerably strengthened, in fact and systematically. Although he has significantly reduced the issue of secession with each election day approaching, it is still a pain in the ass for the Scottish police.

The Prime Minister should bite everything he said about Scottish sovereignty; Take it back as “an accident” as he called it, and then apologize Nicola Sturgeon Personal.

Or he could dig a hole in the boiler, settle in court with Scotland and make it clear that union is a mandatory thing – and see what the Scottish people have to say about this.

That way Contains both literature and chronicles describing how the Scots behaved when Boris felt oppressed by England.

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The Battle of Britain

Scottish problem, Known as Downing Street Nicola Sturgeon and her Freedom Movement, with unfortunate historical connotations, Reign of Boris Johnson Than under previous prime ministers.

Mostly because of Brexit, Scotland voted almost unanimously. But he is trying to overthrow the Scottish Parliament, Holyrood, and reduce the power of the elected representatives to print laws and dispose of their own money.

A bad factor Johnson does not seem to understand how the union is screwed together Refers to the report of political scientists in Cambridge, Or he simply does not care. The fact that he expresses his personal contempt for the SNP and Sturgeon so clearly is not a constructive contribution to the collaboration between London and Edinburgh.

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The whole existence of the SNP is based on autonomy – in one form or another. But the SNP voters also disagreed with the need to separate themselves completely.

One reason It is true that Nicola Sturgeon recently lowered this one question, indicating that opinion polls (and election results) are no longer a priority. Independence from Britain, or rather England, can take place in many ways.

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Northern Ireland should never be created

Former British GovernmentsHas prepared the ground for a hybrid solution with the increase of Scottish autonomy within a federal structure since the 1990s. Both Tony Blair and David Cameron were ready to acknowledge autonomy, and Scotland as a nation for all practical purposes felt that Scotland, with all its uniqueness, was respected and respected in the Union.

Facilitating the preservation of national identity in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland will, according to this principle, strengthen the relationship between the countries that make up the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

But then Brexit brought Boris Johnson to power, and although it did not change the conditions for the development of national self-government alone, it led to a new polarization between Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, and power in central London on the other.

It is said: Johnson’s attack on Holyroot’s power is clearly linked to Britain’s withdrawal from the EU because Sturgeon is looking for an independent Scotland. Independent member of the European Union. He also mentioned the possibility of a link to it, according to the Norwegian EEA model.

The EU’s positive response to the Prime Minister’s proposal has further provoked Boris Johnson, who was counted “last thank you” from Brussels.

Johnson’s strong reaction The expression of many things, in a reasonable way, but may be due to the fact that he saw the members of the Scottish EU as completely unreliable. Simply because there are so many nationalists and well-developed allergies to separatism in the largest member states of the European Union.

One example that is often cited is the Catalan struggle for secession from Spain, and what happened in 2017 when the Parliament of Catalonia declared unilateral independence. The government of Spain was approved by the Senate to set aside the autonomy of the region. The separatist political leadership was imprisoned. Why not expect the rebellious Scots?

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The uprising in Northern Ireland threatens the peace deal

First Because the situation in Catalonia and the case in Scotland cannot be compared.

Like the Norwegian Constitution, the Spanish government states that the kingdom is complete and indivisible. Article 2 It also states that it “recognizes and guarantees the right to autonomy for nations and territories.” [Spania] This has similarities between the two.

Britain, on the other hand, has no written constitution, but a constitution based on custom, as well as a trade union agreement between voluntary countries. Scottish separatists in the 1707 Parliamentary Union fail to highlight the issue – constitutional experts believe it explains the extent of the volunteerism.

Second Because Nicola Sturgeon is unlikely to start an illegal secession process.

His strategy, by contrast, is international support. By gaining a moral advantage over Boris Johnson, he could not deny the new referendum on Scotland’s independence – or follow the decision – that it should be the preferred choice of the people.

Respecting the will of the people was his main message in the Brexit war. The Scots remember it.